Jackson County Fiscal Court Special Meeting

The Jackson County Fiscal Court conducted a special meeting via Facebook and executed the second reading of the budget for the upcoming FY 2020-2021

The Jackson County Fiscal Court held its regular monthly meeting this week. Judge Gabbard informed the court members that his office has had a recent inquiry from a Company that has shown interest in Jackson County. “The Cabinet for Economic Development has asked me to not publicize the name of the Company. This company is looking for 35-50 acres of land in Jackson County to develop on. They need natural gas and want to be in close proximity to I-75. They prefer the Annville Community for this reason but are open to discussion from anyone that has land within a close proximity to Natural gas. I have been in discussion with the IDA and developers trying to locate a suitable piece of property. I am thankful that we have company's interested in Jackson County. We are working hard to build an economy locally that has struggled for years. This will intel being open to companies looking at us and helping them secure funding through various state programs. We have potential jobs on the horizon and hope to see things get better sooner rather than later. If you have suitable land for development call me at 287-8562.” 

The Districts report for all three districts had no changes except for the Foxtown Slip repair is complete. Road repairs on Foxtown road were completed Friday. The fiscal court will have to pay the contractor and then take pictures and send in along with the cancelled check to receive reimbursement for the slide repair. This will open the road back up for traffic.

The Sheriff talked about all of the thefts and is asking for citizens to be watchful and lock things up. A rash of thefts has forced Sheriff Hays to consider encouraging community watch groups to help patrol and maintain surveillance. The watch groups would strictly be volunteers and would have no law enforcement authority. However, the help provided by surveillance would be critical in lowering the rate of thefts in a community.   

The fiscal court reviewed and approved the Ambulance service purchase of a new ambulance. The Ambulance service would make an annual payment for five years. Judge Gabbard shared the details of the Occupational Tax revenue with the court. Occupational tax reported revenue of $300,567.15 from August 27, 20 20 through November 06, 2020. 

The fiscal court also discussed getting pricing on Enterprise dump bed truck leases in exchange for the pickups currently being used by the county. The issue was tabled pending more information. The Library annual report was reviewed and accepted. 

The fiscal court also updated the IDA Director Insurance option. The agreement that the fiscal court had with the IDA was to provide health insurance for the director. Mitchell Ball, IDA Director just turned 65 years old and switched to Medicare so the fiscal court will now provide a supplemental plan. This will result in a savings of $580 per month for the county. 

The fiscal court also voted to approve and accept Resolution 110920 “BACKUPPS”. This is an interlocal agreement between Jackson and surrounding counties regarding Sheriff’s Office and Law Enforcement assistance. Sheriff Hays has established a great working relationship between his office and the law enforcement offices in other counties. At times these agencies truly depend upon one another’s assistance. In the event of an emergency surrounding law enforcement would be able to assist Jackson County in the County and also Jackson

would be able to assist surrounding counties. 

The next fiscal court meeting was scheduled for December 14th, 2020 at 1:00 pm.

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