According to information supplied by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife a 28 year old Jackson County female died while swimming in the south fork of Station Camp Creek early Tuesday morning, July 14th, 2020. Witness statements assert that Ashley Rowland, 28, of McKee, KY, decided to go for a swim. Rowland swam to the opposite bank near a fallen tree. There, she went under water. Rowland came back up out of the water, at which point a witness entered the water to try to help her. Rowland went back under the water and did not resurface. The witness could not locate her. The witness then exited the water to seek help. The initial 911 call came into Jackson County as a person swimming in a pond that went under the water and never came back up.

Emergency responders including Jackson County Emergency Management, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the Sand Gap Volunteer Fire Department, the McKee Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene. They were later assisted by divers from the London-Laurel Rescue squad. They recovered the victim’s body just after 3 AM.

Law Enforcement officers with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources are continuing their investigation into the matter.

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