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Over the past few days there have been several coin change machines damaged or stolen by vandals/thieves in Jackson County and the surrounding area.  Sheriff Hays reported, “Our deputies have open investigations into the case at Corner Quick Stop and at Cove Car Wash in Bond.  A video of the incident at Cove Car Wash is making its rounds on social media. The video shows two men in a truck. In a coordinated effort one of the men appears to place a chain/rope around a change machine and then use the truck to rip it from the foundations. The machine is then placed in the back of the truck and the two men drive away with the money.

Tommy Vaughn

Tommy Vaughn

Reports of similar crimes are occurring in Clay, Laurel and other counties, so if you see someone around a closed convenience store late at night or early morning, please call dispatch at 606-287-9979 with detailed information on the vehicle and registration, if you know.  Perhaps your information will help law enforcement make an arrest in these cases.”

Sheriff John Root and the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office seem to have identified at least one suspect that they feel may be involved in the case. The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media that Tommy E. Vaughn, 41, of Manchester, KY was considered amongst the “Most Wanted” criminals in Laurel County. Vaughn is wanted for an outstanding  warrant associated with a complaint of criminal mischief. In addition, Sheriff Root identified Vaughn as a suspect in numerous area burglaries. According to information supplied by Sheriff Root’s office, Vaughn burned his truck on Monday morning and is attempting to evade arrest. If anyone has any information regarding the location of Tommy E. Vaughn please contact local dispatch at 606-287-9979 or call the Laurel County Sheriff’s office at 606-864-6600.  


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