While struggling with unemployment issues, limited shopping opportunities, and a lack of recreational entertainment, small town life has many advantages and benefits that outweigh these deficits. There is a sense of investment with those in the community. As you check out at the local store you get to know the people who work there and they get to know you. There are so many kind-hearted, good, decent people in our community that one must feel blessed. A great example of this was demonstrated by the employees at Annville Town and Country over the Christmas holiday. Store manager, Brian Murray, could not be more proud.    

     Murray reported, “I just want to brag on my team at Annville Town & Country!  Not only have they had to totally up their game since the pandemic hit because we’ve been busier than ever, but they’re also in the line of fire, so to speak, because they deal with tons of people everyday, so that makes their risk higher than most.  They wear surgical masks for 8 straight hours, work hard to keep the store clean, fill curbside orders and deliver them outside, and provide exceptional customer service!  I’m very proud of them all!  But here’s an exceptional story, and it’s perfect for Christmas night...

About 6 weeks ago, one of my team members, Whitney Whitlock, came to me and wanted to do something for children who might need help with gifts for Christmas.  I put her in charge of putting it together, and she took the ball and ran with it!  We took donations from customers (thank you!), and then we tripled those donations ourselves!  Then, another team member, Rachel Allen, got involved, then, later on, another team member, Sarah Wilder, got in on it.  These three ladies went shopping for these kids on their day off, braving the Christmas rush last Monday, and were gone for like 10 hours!  Then, they brought the gifts back here and enlisted a few others to help wrap them, then gave them out just in time for Christmas!  Now, mind you, this took a lot of organization, identifying kids that were in need, getting permission from their parent/guardian, finding appropriate gifts for age and gender, staying within budget, etc!  They were able to get great gifts for nearly 30 children in need and give them a brighter Christmas!!!

Whitney, Rachel, Sarah, and all that were involved...     WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!  They have no idea I’m {reporting} this, as they didn’t do it to look good.  They just have wonderful hearts and genuinely wanted to help those that might be less fortunate.  To me, this is the true spirit of Christmas!  GIVING!  Merry Christmas to you all, and thank you for supporting our business!”

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