Deena Reid

Deena Reid, 53, of London, KY

Deena Reid, 53, of London, KY appeared in District Court on Monday (February 27, 2023) for a preliminary hearing in Case #23-F-00003. Reid has been charged with two (2) counts of Burglary, 3rd degree stemming from an arrest made by Deputy C. Collins on January 03, 2003. According to the uniform citation filed by Deputy Collins, he responded to the Jackson Manor Nursing Home after Jackson County Dispatch received a call from Marvin Carpenter reporting a theft. When Deputy Collins arrived on the scene he spoke with Carpenter and his daughter, Kayla Abner. Abner explained that on December 05th, 2022 her storage unit on Hwy 3630 in the Bond area was broke into and multiple items were stolen. Some of the items included: a rocking chair, a kitchen table and chair set, and a Grandfather Clock. Abner explained that around the same time another storage unit at the same facility rented by Whitney Whitlock was also broken into. When Whitlock came to check on her storage unit and discovered it had been broken into, Abner stated that Whitlock witnessed Reid enter and remove items from Abner’s storage unit. Abner and Carpenter explained to Deputy Collins that they had security camera video of the theft taking place and in the video you can see Whitlock speak with Reid. Whitlock memorized part of the registration plate on the vehicle Reid was driving at the time. Abner was able to determine that the vehicle belonged to Jobie Gross, who is a resident at the Jackson Manor Nursing Home. Abner and Carpenter indicated that Reid was currently in the Nursing Home in Gross’ room.

Deputy Collins subsequently located Reid and during their conversation Reid admitted removing items from two (2) storage units around the beginning od December. However, she stated that she had purchased the items from a woman named Whitlock who was driving a silver or gray hatchback car. Reid described the items she removed as including Star Wars toys, and Pokemon Cards from one storage unit and a Grand Father Clock, a kitchen table and chair set, a rocking chair, a foot stool, and a green tackle box from another storage unit.

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