Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman, 47, of Richmond, KY

Jim Freeman, 47, of Richmond, KY was arrested on May 17th, 2023 by JCSO Deputy Chris Collins. Deputy Collins and Chief Deputy Zack Bryant were conducting a stationary patrol in the Birch Lick area of Jackson County when they observed a red 1992 S1 Chevrolet traveling northbound on US Hwy 421 and it appeared that the driver did not have his seat belt on. They proceeded to follow the vehicle. While behind the vehicle they observed it travel almost completely into the southbound lane while entering a left-hand curve before returning to the northbound lane. The vehicle then almost went into the ditch on the right-hand side of the road. According to the uniform citation (#EH81322) the vehicle continued to swerve between the fog line and the yellow line until Chief Deputy Bryant activated his emergency equipment and the law enforcement officers initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Hwy 421 and Congleton Hollow Road. As the officers approached the vehicle Deputy Collins observed the driver moving around in the driver’s seat. When Collins made contact with the driver, Jim Freeman, he noticed that Freeman was extremely sweaty. 

Freeman was asked to exit the vehicle and the officers conducted a field sobriety test. Freeman was determined to have failed the field sobriety tests and he was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a substance, 1st offense. During the post-arrest search of Freeman’s person, Deputy Collins located $666.00 in Freeman’s front pants pocket and initially nothing else. The officer explained to Freeman that if he had anything else on his person and jail staff found it there would be an additional charge. Freeman stated that he had nothing on him. Freeman was placed in the back of Deputy Collin’s patrol car. A few minutes later Collins noticed Freeman moving around in the back of the car and when he opened the door he detected a strong odor of marijuana that was not there before. Deputy Collins went to Freeman’s door and when he opened it he discovered a small black cloth bag in the floor board at Freeman’s feet and one small white pill in the floor with another pill in the bag. When Freeman exited the vehicle Deputy Collins discovered another pill in the seat where Freeman was sitting. In Freeman’s right hand Deputy Collins discovered multiple plastic baggies that Freeman had balled up and attempted to conceal. One of the baggies contained a leafy, green substance suspected to be marijuana. The three pills were identified as Viagra, none of which were in their proper container. The uniform citation states that the marijuana along with the two other empty baggies together with the large amount of cash are consistent with trafficking. Freeman also did not have his operator’s license on his person and he did not have a registration receipt. Freeman was determined to be out on bond in Madison County with conditions stipulating that he have no other arrest and no other violations of the law.

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