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COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Jackson County and throughout the state. We continue to see more outbreaks pop up across the region. As of Tuesday morning the incident rate for Jackson County is 62.2 (well over the critical threshold of 25 that puts us in the Red Zone).  There have been 33 cases reported in Jackson County since last Friday which is enough to keep kids from returning to in-person instruction next week. 17 confirmed cases were reported by the Cumberland Valley District Health Department on Monday for Jackson County along with 4 probable cases. 15 confirmed cases and 1 probable case were reported for Jackson County last Friday. 

Many times the outbreaks are in congregated facilities like long-term care and detention centers. Recently over 100 cases were confirmed in a nursing home in Beattyville. Christie Green, Cumberland Valley District Public Health Director, says as of Monday morning 67 inmates and 13 employees have tested positive at the Clay County Detention Center. “It’s very difficult to control that initial exposure so when you get those first cases it’s very hard then to isolate or move people and you have potential for a huge swell of cases which is what we are seeing at the detention center at this time,” said Green. “We’ve provided the jail here with some extra PPE and some emergency supplies to help them get through this first swell.” As they continue to work with the Department of Corrections and the Department for Public Health in Frankfort Clay County Jailer, Linda Smallwood says they are trying to turn the situation around. “We have kept the virus out of the jail until now. The outbreak at the jail came despite stringent precautionary measures that have been in place since March which include medical screening of all newly arriving inmates, who are placed in quarantine for 14 days before being moved to general population. All inmates and employees have been tested for the virus...."said Green. On top of additional sanitation and restricting everyone’s movement throughout the facility all positive inmates are now quarantined together. “They’ve had to make some changes to how whether or not they prepare food in the kitchen and how that bought the inmates,” said Green. “We recognize when we had that many cases in a facility that an eight hour a day nurse is not adequate and jailer Smallwood here is working with AdventHealth Manchester to increase medical care availability for the inmates.” 

17 additional cases were confirmed and 7 probable cases were reported in Clay County outside the jail setting. When combining the Clay County Detention Center with the rest of the Clay County community there were a total of 97 cases confirmed along with 7 probable cases. The Jackson County Detention Center has not reported any cases of COVID-19 so far. 

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