2020 Primary Election Results

Kentucky election officials have spent the last week counting ballots in an election that was largely conducted through the mail because of concerns over the spread of COVID-19. It was one of the most unique elections in Kentucky history. The election, originally scheduled for May, was pushed back to June 23, but actually lasted several weeks in allowing both mail-in and in-person voting. Jackson County Clerk, Donald “Duck” Moore reported that his office received 2,713 absentee ballots. In addition, 455 voters chose to vote in-person at the McKee Court house on election day. This equates to a 30.16% voter turnout. This isn’t a record for Jackson County but was still impressive given the nature of the offices on the ballot.

In Jackson County, as well as the rest of the state, Incumbent President Donald J. Trump easily won the Republican Presidential candidate primary. He was running unopposed. Democratic Presidential candidate Joseph Biden won the democratic ticket primary in Jackson County with 150 votes and the state with 355,103 votes (68%). Bernie Sanders placed second in Jackson County with 43 votes and in the state with 63,322 (12%).

The Republican primary for United States Senator saw incumbent Mitch McConnell win a Jackson County landslide with 2,359 votes and the state with 322,279 votes (83%). C. Wesley Morgan came in second in Jackson County with 222 votes and also second in the state with 23,771 (6%). The Democratic Primary for United States Senator was closely watched across the state. In Jackson County, Democratic hopeful Amy McGrath won with 125 votes whereas Charles Booker earned 85 votes. Statewide this race went right down to the wire with McGrath pulling ahead in the closing stages earning 238,532 votes (45%) which was just above the 227,273 votes (43%) earned by Booker. McGrath will now face incumbent Mitch McConnell in the general election this November.

In the primary for United States Representative 5th District, Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers defeated Gerardo Serrano 2,426 votes to 345 votes in Jackson County. In the 5th District overall Rogers earned 69,107 votes (91%) compared to 6,790 votes (9%) for Serrano.

In the Republican primary for Kentucky State Senator 21st District, in Jackson County incumbent Albert Robinson earned 1,242 votes defeating challengers Kay Hensley (771 votes) and Brandon Storm (746 votes). However, in the total 21st Senatorial District ( Bath County, Estill County, Jackson County, Laurel County, Menifee County, and Powell County) However, for the overall 21st Senatorial District, Storm would pull ahead to win having earned 6,875 votes (38.7%) to 6,131 votes (34.5%) for Robinson and 4,756 votes (26.8%) for Hensley. The Republican primary winner (Storm) will face Democratic candidate Walter Trebolo who ran unopposed in the primary.

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