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Progress is being made on the Hwy 30 Over Pass in Tyner, KY

Construction of the final segment of KY 30 along the 37-mile corridor that stretches from KY 11 in Booneville to the Hal Rogers Parkway in London is well underway. Currently, a section of Highway 30 W between the mile points 6.149 (30 and 3629 intersection) and 9.121 (421S and 30W intersection) are closed to through traffic. The closure started on April 05, 2021 and will not be opened for traffic until September 02, 2021. This closure is necessary for the construction of Highway 30 over Highway 421S. 

Hwy 30 Over Pass in Tyner.jpg

Progress is being made on the Hwy 30 Over Pass in Tyner, KY. The overpass is over US Hwy 421 heading south toward Clay County. 

 Completion of this long-anticipated transportation project will significantly improve safety, reduce travel times, and create new economic opportunities for residents in Laurel, Jackson, Owsley and adjacent counties. The project includes straightening the 13.5-mile curvy corridor between US 421 in Jackson County to Travellers Rest in Owsley County, reducing the length by 3.5 miles. A shorter, straighter path means drive times will be cut in half from 21 minutes to 11 minutes. KY 30 is the most direct route from Lee, Jackson and Owsley Counties to I-75 south, businesses in London, western Kentucky, and Tennessee. Unwinding and widening this heavily-traveled rural road will improve mobility, sight-distance, and safety for a forecasted 3,200 motorists, commercial trucks, and emergency vehicles that rely on this roadway every day. Kentucky Transportation officials said, “Safer roads to better connect the Commonwealth are ahead for this region of the state.”

Work to revamp the entire KY 30 corridor has spanned over 20 years. When the final section is completed, each driving lane will be one foot wider and feature new eight-feet paved shoulders to safely house disabled vehicles and plowed snow.

“Not only will this new corridor make KY 30 a safer road to travel in our region, but it also provides a corridor of opportunity for people who travel between Laurel and Owsley counties for jobs and recreational activities,” said Congressman Hal Rogers. “This long-term project, spanning two decades, reflects the impact of perseverance and successful partnerships at the local, state and federal levels.”

Costs for the construction phase of this federally-funded project are estimated at $63 million.

“This is as significant for Jackson, Lee, Owsley, Wolfe, and Breathitt counties as any other road project in this area of the state, and will help the region as a whole continue to prosper,” said Senate President Robert Stivers.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

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