Over the last few weeks, the Governor, Secretary of State, State Board of Elections and local election officials have educated Kentuckians on the General Election plan. County Clerk Donald “Duck” Moore indicated he had already been in conversation with the State Board of Elections. Moore has some concerns about the logistics of how his office will execute the details of the election. Recently, the Jackson County Fiscal Court approved the purchase of new voting machines that will provide a paper ballot trail for the purposes of auditing or recounting the votes if necessary. 

Voters are being given greater latitude to exercise their rights to vote an absentee ballot this year in order to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19. Throughout the state over a quarter of a million absentee ballots have already been requested through the portal set up by the State Board of Elections.

Details of the plan include:

Absentee ballot by mail

Kentuckians concerned with contracting or spreading COVID-19 can request a ballot by mail.

An online portal has been launched to allow Kentuckians to request a ballot by mail. Ballots can be requested through the portal through Oct. 9, and through traditional means after. Mail ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 3, and received by Nov. 6. Drop boxes will be available for Kentuckians to return their mail ballots if they are concerned about postal delays. County clerks will determine these locations. In the primary election earlier this year the location was just outside the County Clerk’s office in the old courthouse in McKee. County Clerk Moore indicated that so far there has been approximately 400 absentee ballots requested in the county. 

Early voting

Beginning Oct. 13, three weeks before the election, every work day between Oct. 13 and Election Day, and every Saturday for at least four hours, every county clerk will provide a location for safe in-person voting. This will be upstairs in the old courthouse in McKee. Early voting is not absentee voting – anyone can vote early for any reason.

Election Day voting

Jackson County Precincts 2020 General Election

County election officials will decide election sites on Election Day. Clerk Moore reports that six (6) precincts will be open on election day for in-person voting in Jackson County. The six locations that will be open on election day include: 1) Bond, 2) Annville, 3) Gray Hawk, 4) Sand Gap Fire Department, 5) Clover Bottom, and 6) the old McKee Courthouse. 

County Clerk Moore stressed, “It is important to note that registered voters in Jackson County can vote at any of the six (6) precinct locations that will be open on election day. Once a person casts their vote at a specific location they will then be ineligible to vote at another location.” 

Voter identification

Kentuckians who were unable to get a driver’s licenses or photo ID due to the pandemic because their clerk’s office was closed, or because they were afraid of exposing themselves to COVID-19, can sign a document explaining this concern and cast their ballot.

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