John Davis


I have a quarterly tradition of sorts to gaze back over the past few months of each season and evaluate progress or lack thereof in life. As fall develops fully around us I realize I’ve done very little in the way of enjoyment this last season of life. The reason? I have been bogged down in construction of a meager addition onto my cabin. While far from a professional carpenter I’ve cobbled much of it together myself or at minimum assisted in much of the labor.   As with all things in life lessons are always learned and the ones stemming from my latest ongoing building project are abundantly simple yet clear.

 If you are of learning age and willing to perform skilled labor the market is wide open. While there will always be a need for traditional college education in needed fields the pushing of nonsensical college careers coupled with government dependence and pure laziness has left a gaping hole. The list of people shall remain nameless but the search for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, welders, mechanics and other skilled labor over the past years has created a level of frustration in me only matched by biting into a vegetarian burger that was inserted in my order by pure sabotage. If you’re wondering that level of disappointing, soul crushing frustration is off the charts. 

 How is this shortage cured? The steps start on the home front with teaching work ethic which is on life support and fading fast. Teach children the value of true hard work. Make then understand that digging deep to give that extra push will benefit in any career path. Under the care of parents instill a sense of real world responsibility in them that makes them understand the value in seemingly everyday jobs. 

 In the education system we have to be more responsible in guiding children. While I would encourage all people to chase their dreams you need to fully understand chasing dreams may be more applicable as a hobby than a full on career. I have seen personal interest become very successful careers but generally after being a side hobby funded by a solid job as the dreams are allowed to grow into a sustainable endeavor. 

 We have no need to halt traditional college careers in legit fields but we definitely shouldn’t view vocational trades with the second rate stigma. These fields are taking a beating and the search for skilled labor shows a painful gap in elders leaving the trades with the younger generation failing to fill the vacancies.

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