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Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.  Contact at (Subject:  “Notes”)

If I had to put my finger on why the Communists have failed to achieve their end goals for America in my lifetime, it would be twofold.  First, because of the successful efforts to expand our citizens’ guaranteed right to protect themselves and their families via the vigorous exercise of the Second Amendment (Each time self-defense rights expand and the dire consequences promised by the Left never materialize; it causes individuals to ask, “What other lies are you telling us?”); and secondly, through the tireless enlightenment of the American electorate by one Rush Hudson Limbaugh III.

When I was a child, I recall clearly sitting down at the supper table to be spoon fed the nightly news by Walter Cronkite (“even-handed” Cronkite was in reality a partisan hack).  If it wasn’t Cronkite, your family had only three other choices:  all Democrat shills, too.

In 1988, Rush Limbaugh would land a national AM radio contract with syndication giant EFM Media.  The toothpaste would never be put back into the tube for the Statists.  Rush has spent three hours per day (Noon - 3 p.m.) five days per week, for more than thirty years exposing the Left’s cynical designs for undermining our Republic.  Whether it was making sure no one would forget the callousness of Mike Dukakis’ death penalty debate question answer; Bill Clinton’s perjury and suborning of perjury; Obama’s betrayal of American fighting men at Benghazi; Hillary’s obstruction of justice; or dismantling the Democrats’ Russian collusion hoax and coup attempt(s):  Rush has educated through it all with a cheerful panache and elan.

Personally, I may now freely admit whenever I’ve debated the passing scene throughout my adult life and for whatever reason my opponent has smugly volunteered, “Well, I never listen to Rush Limbaugh!”  My immediate thought has always been, “I’ve got you, now.”

In February of 2020, Limbaugh revealed he had stage IV lung cancer.  Soon thereafter, Rush Limbaugh was awarded during President Trump’s State of the Union Address, the Presidential Medal of Freedom; few Americans have more richly deserved the recognition.  On 20 October of this year, Rush explained to listeners his prognosis had taken a turn for the worse.

There are men who sadly walk across this world’s stage without ever having made a difference; such is a fate Rush Limbaugh will never have to suffer.  If he leaves this world before me, he will have done so with my (and my great-grandchildren) owing him a great debt.  Job well done, our good and faithful servant. 

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Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.  Contact at (Subject:  “NTC”)

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