Sheriff Paul Hays

One of my favorite football stars of all time is Hershel Walker. He was so strong and so driven! He was a great team player who always performed at a high level. Well, today I listened to a message he sent out on Facebook. Today I respect him even more than ever! He described where he was born in south Georgia and his experience with racism. He spoke of being treated badly by some officers, while he was treated very well by other police officers. He did not want to live in an area where police officers were defunded and the streets were left for the lawless to control. He stated police departments should increase training to address the concerns of the public. He suggested he would like to be a part of the solution to bring all people together with other rational and forward thinking individuals to actually address the problems while protecting the people who are in the trenches. I believe he wants to change the political, ineffective rhetoric and actually do what is best for everyone. I was very impressed by his words and I hope President Trump will select him with other great leaders to do exactly what Hershel Walker proposed.

The color of one's skin should be a non-factor in any issue. Skin color makes me one no better or no worse than anyone else. The way a person is treated by police should be respectful and fair no matter who the person is. The same thing applies to the citizen who is confronted by the police. Respect and compliance with the rule of law should be the same for both the police and the public. I personally am offended by the negative light our media puts on all police officers as they paint their pictures with a very wide brush. The media drives much of the illegal activity going on in our cities as they sensationalize every issue that might fit their agenda. In over forty years of police service, I have seen very few officers who should never have been sworn in. Police work is very demanding and extremely dangerous. I believe when bad law enforcement incidents occur, some of the reason can be attributed to poor leadership. When we fail to address the small problems before they get out of control and become huge problems, it is easy to become part of the problem, not the solution. I hope we can stop the violence and address future problems with some level of understanding consideration for all and dignity for humanity.

Mob mentality! Emotional contagion! These are terms that describe the state of mind when individuals take on the emotion of the crowd. That is where we are today in many cities. People who individually would comply with the rule of law become lawless because they lose their identity in the crowd. Leaders are allowing this to occur and the results are unbelievable destruction, chaos and extreme violence. People have a right to demonstrate under specific rules which are usually part of a permit issued for such activity. Those permits clearly denote what is acceptable for a specific time and location. These demonstrators have no legal right to enter onto or into privately owned property without the owners knowledge and consent. It is ironic that the same mobs who are so belligerent to the police during demonstrations, complain because the police are slow when the demonstrators turn on one another, even on property in which they have taken control. I pray our leaders in the cities wake up and take back their cities before our country is destroyed. There are so many more good, law abiding citizens who do not agree with the violence and destruction, but they have to be empowered to step up with the support of the local government to stop this foolishness before it gets worse. Stay tuned!

Two of my deputies have incurred line of duty injuries as they attempted to bring situations under control and arrest individuals. Deputy Isaacs has been on work leave for several weeks as the result of an injury while serving a warrant. Deputy Edwards received an injury as the result of a domestic violence call. Our jobs are difficult and sometimes dangerous. Our spouses and children, understandably fear the unknown as we strap on our duty belts and head off to work. We are short-handed currently, but will hopefully get back to full staff shortly. Thanks in advance for your patience and for caring.

Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to sixty-two calls for service. We investigated five traffic accidents and opened one criminal case. Our court security team, which is also currently understaffed, does a fantastic job serving papers, transporting prisoners and mentally ill patients and waiting on the courts. We cherish your prayers and appreciate your support. God Bless!

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