Judge Shane Gabbard

In the last few months I have had a lot of people ask me if there was anything they could do to help us in anyway. First let me say that I appreciate the concern and love for community I see in a statement like that. Second there is something we all can do to help our small town. Shop local. Two words with great value. Shop Local. The big companies are not the only ones that have taken a hit during the pandemic, small businesses have as well. In many cases the small business owner has taken the worst hit. What we overlook sometimes is the fact that when a someone opens a business in a small community like Jackson County, they are relying on patronage from citizens within the County to stay open. Sometimes people put their life savings into opening a business therefore it’s a gamble to open but it's a risk people are willing to take to fulfill dreams and bring opportunities to hometowns like ours. Last year we saw a local Chamber of Commerce open and what a welcome sight. The Chamber is there to help any business or organization in Jackson County. Since a Chamber of Commerce is structured as such, it's a great tool for business owners to use to help one another make it in small town America. Since several businesses that were closed have opened up lately it would be a great idea to call or stop by your business of choice to support them as best you can. Remember, Shop Local.

June 30, 2020 marks the end of the Fiscal Year for the Fiscal Court. We were been busy last week trying to get a picture of how we can do more with less. This looks to be the blueprint for the next Fiscal Year as we have been told to expect more cuts from the State. We do have some reimbursable expenses that line up with the CARES Act that was passed and have been working on those as well. I wish I had better news but unfortunately not now. It's important to remember that this pandemic is something nobody in our lifetime has dealt with. It's been like a train derailing. Once it gets off track it's very hard to get back on track. This has by far been the most trying thing any of us have ever dealt with. If anything comes from this it should be how valuable life is and how much it means to love your neighbor as yourself. Here's a tip to help during this pandemic. It doesn't have to be a big adventure or big deal to be enjoyable. Life is more enjoyable when you slow down and appreciate the little things. Less is more. Enjoy it.

I want to end this week by asking a favor. If you are visiting a County owned park please dispose of trash properly. I could keep 2 men busy just picking up garbage off trails and throughout the parks. Our parks, especially Flat Lick Falls, draw a lot of visitors in a year’s time. I think a lot of the trash is coming from visitors from other towns but not all of it. We have trash cans at every park and respectfully ask that you use them. The earth is a beautiful place and we want generations in the future to be able to enjoy Gods creation. It's our responsibility to make sure they have the opportunity to. Have a blessed week.

Shane Gabbard

Jackson County Judge Executive


PO Box 175 Mckee KY 40447

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