John Davis


There was never a mention of poverty in the household, we was just getting by. Never was any thought given to hiring the yard mowed. Trucks parked along roadside wide spots looking like the rapture took place simply meant it was deer season. Maybe everyone’s pickup truck didn’t have a check engine light or two on but ours always did. 

 Perhaps everyone didn’t drag out a hand-me-down single barrel Stevens to start chasing rabbits with.  There wasn’t ever a vehicle I recall in youth with a working clock or thermometer so the bank sign was gospel. Bologna sandwiches on the tailgate mid job was the only option. Some folks might not have walked that plowed bottom land looking for arrowheads. I always heard rumors of men that replaced all four Goodyears at once instead of the two knockoffs at payday. Leftover ham may have hit the scrap pile in some homes instead of being recycled in soup beans but we always did.

 Garages may have kept kids from scrambling to a cold car to start it at daybreak in some circles. A roll of twine on a shelf wrapped around a stick was just biding it’s time til planting season. Causey’s creaky wood floored store and questionable cleanliness was just fine for lunch. Maybe someone’s family didn’t have a room you hid the clutter and valuables in when company was coming. I assumed everyone burned wood. Maybe every young man didn’t feel the need to pull out from the Shell and grab second gear barking a tire but we always did. 

 Some kids may have had pools instead of the creek. Some towns may have had more going on than the ballpark lights shining on cool nights. Maybe people went somewhere besides a lost holler trail to take a break from the world. 

 I guess in all said a great deal of people had more but missed it all. 

 Some of you didn’t but we always did.

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