James Marcum

If you hadn’t heard, Buc-ee’s is our newest neighbor located on Duncannon Lane, just off of I-75 in Richmond. If you didn’t know, this is a chain of country stores and gas stations throughout the southern end of the country. They are known for their massive size, extremely clean, well-kept restrooms, and over a hundred gas pumps with relatively cheap gas at each location (or cheaper considering how gas prices are currently running). I have heard a little bit of everything about this petrol peddler. “This is no more than a glorified truck stop!”, “What is that logo? A beaver?”,  “They have everything!”, and who can forget “You got to get some beaver nuggets!” One good friend of mine, Keith, I believe could have his mail forwarded to Buc-ee’s at this point and they have only been open for a few weeks! My family and I couldn’t resist any longer and decided to make the trip this past weekend.

Overwhelming is an understatement. From the moment you walk in the door, the aroma of fresh bbq and candied nuts hits your nostrils. Walls of jerky. Aisles and aisles of home decor. Sporting goods, camping gear, and I even saw some BBQ smokers for sale out front! Of course, I had to try the hyped-up brisket sandwich. We purchased some Icees, the famous beaver nuggets, and I believe some gummy bears before we made our way back to the car.

So what are my thoughts? It is a great experience if you enjoy something new. A 56,000-square-foot gas station is not something you see every day. But outside of that, it really isn’t anything you can’t experience, for the most part, right here in Jackson County. Here in our community, gasoline is anywhere between $3.99-4.05 a gallon while the beaver had it for $3.97. As for brisket and BBQ, keep your eyes open next time you pass through McKee around lunch where you might catch Bowman’s Baby Butt BBQ serving up some of the finest smoked cuisines in southeastern Kentucky! Buc-ee’s is good, but I can get better 10 minutes from home. And as far as the beaver nuggets, check out Brian Murray at Annville Town & Country for some Jenny’s Caramel Dittos next to the Grippo’s. I am sure there are other stores here in Jackson County that carry them as well, but I have seen them there several times before.

If you are passing through Richmond, I encourage you to check them out! Don’t go looking for an overall bargain, but know they are selling you the convenience of being there as you travel through Madison County. At the moment, it is a tourist attraction drawing people in who want to experience what all the hype is about.

I found out about Buc-ee’s while passing through and seeing the construction. Then hearing chatter about the Lake Jackson, Texas-based establishment and everything they have to offer. But, rest assured those living in Lake Jackson do not think much about it anymore. Why? Because it has been there for the past 40 years. I challenge you to pass the buck and tell people all that your community has to offer. If you have a favorite place to eat, tell someone from out of town. If you enjoy somewhere to shop, like one of our community greenhouses, tell someone from out of town. If you enjoy the recreation in our community’s backyard, like Beulah Lake, S-Tree, or Turkey Foot, tell someone from out of town! The more people we can lead into Jackson County, the greater the opportunities for better things there are. If you want more for Jackson County, encourage and hype up our community just like you have for surrounding communities.

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