Superintendent Mike Smith and JCHS Principal Brian Harris are reaching out to ask for community assistance to help get our students back in-person at local schools. The new metric controlling the district’s decisions regarding “mode of instruction (i.e., in-person or virtual) is based on the county’s COVID-19 incident rate (7 day rolling average). The District risk level will be assigned as "red", "orange", "yellow" or "green" based on levels of risk measured by incident rate. In addition, based on the new metric giving local districts more control, all the fall and winter sports will be dependent on where the county finds itself in terms of the county incident rate. This will be determined every Thursday at 8:00 PM. If the rolling average over the previous 7 days is 25 active cases per 100,000 then in-person classes would be suspended and no sports events will be hosted for the next week and until the incident rate drops below 25 active cases per 100,000. 

This means the decision to be in school or to play sports now falls under the control of the public and their ability to slow transmission rates of the coronavirus. The general public can slow transmission rates by wearing a mask, socially distancing, washing their hands often and avoiding unnecessary risks like large gatherings. Doing these things can keep the incident rate low enough that the students will be safe in-person during school and also during sporting events. 

Principal Harris reported, “Please help us return to school and stay in school by wearing masks in public, practicing social distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene.” Superintendent Mike Smith reported, “Now, more than ever, it is important that our entire community follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidance and please wear a face covering.” 

With the assistance of Lyndsey Hurst, JCHS teachers, JCPS students, and key community members such as Brian Gabbard, Principal Harris has made a video asking for community assistance in controlling the incident rate of COVID-19 in Jackson County. As the Briar Philosopher would say, “ Love is a verb” so as a community let’s show a little love and do our part to make this school year all it needs to be for our children and their parents. If we save people from suffering a serious illness or losing a loved one to COVID-19 along the way that would simply be a win-win situation. GO GENERALS!!


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