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On Sunday Morning, August 9th at 9:30 a.m., WLEX-TV Ch-18  the 30 minute TV program “The Race: Broadband During The COVID-19 Pandemic” will be featuring Jackson County's PRTC.    

Part of the program will be about PRTC and some of the things they are doing in our community during the pandemic. The program may also feature something about Teleworks USA. This program has brought jobs to hundreds of people in our area and was made feasible because of the foresight demonstrated by PRTC in placing fiber optic service to the home.  

In a time of troubles this will be a positive story about our area and we at the Jackson County Sun  thought you might want to watch it, or DVR it to watch later.  It will most likely be on YouTube later next week as well.

Watch with pride as PRTC and Jackson County show the world how to be innovative and creative and demonstrate how foresight, and hard work can be brought to bear on solving real world problems. 

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