Rep. Goforth Official Portrait

After some concern regarding the project, State Rep. Robert Goforth provides assurance of completion

State Rep. Robert Goforth said Monday that the State Highway 30 improvement project from U.S. 421 at Tyner to the Owsley County line, a nearly 9-mile stretch of road, was “on track” for a 2019 start.

Rep. Goforth said he had been in communication with Speaker of the House David Osborne about the Highway 30 project and that after consulting with Transportation Committee Staff and officials from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Transportation Committee staff assured him that all appropriations for the project were finalized in the 2018 road bill and that work should begin sometime after August 1, 2019.

County Judge Executive Shane Gabbard and Veteran Jim Bryant were present for the dedication of new Hwy 30.jpg

New Hwy 30 in Jackson County was designated as Veterans Memorial Highway 

“Highway 30 was my top transportation priority for Jackson County in 2018, and I voted for the road bill in the 2018 regular session that fully appropriated the funds for the project,” Goforth said.

“The proper state Transportation Cabinet officials have assured Speaker Osborne and me that work will begin sometime later this year. This will be a tremendous step forward for Jackson County,” continued Goforth.

Once completed, the new road will have two 11-foot driving lanes. It will also feature paved shoulders and turning lanes at major intersections.

The new road will greatly reduce travel time from Jackson County to I-75 at London. The entire corridor when finished will provide improved safety and mobility for drivers who use it.

“As member of the House Transportation Committee, I am in a strong position to fight for Jackson County when it comes to our roads, and I will always make it a top priority because it means so much to the quality of life for our people. Jackson County has only one direction, and that’s forward,” said Goforth.

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