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 Jackson Energy President & CEO Carol Wright presents a big check presenting the $2 million dollar Rural Economic Development Loan to Chris Deaton, President & CEO of Senture, LLC.

Rural Economic Development Loan Brings New Jobs to Region

Senture, LLC has a mission to provide the best possible domestic contact center support to their clients and serve their clients in a way that builds partnerships with a sense of trust and cooperation. When asked what makes Senture the best possible domestic contact call center in a crowded market of competitors, Chris Deaton, President and CEO, said, “it’s all about the people.” According to Deaton, he believes that most companies today miss one of the most important aspects of delivering for their clients – the people doing the work. “We have found an exceptional workforce with a genuine passion to please,” Deaton stated.

Senture’s headquarters is located within the Charles Pennington Industrial Park West in London, Kentucky and currently employs 2,700 employees in contact centers located in London, Annville, Monticello, and Williamsburg, Kentucky and McAllen, Texas, where they provide 24/7/365 client support for both government and private industry companies.  Senture has supported high-profile contracts for some of the largest companies in America.  Industries impacted by their support and services include financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail, and a host of other commercial and government projects.

A Rural Economic Development Loan (REDL) through Jackson Energy Cooperative will allow Senture to expand their operations and provide 500 additional jobs in our local area over a three-year period.  The $2 million dollar zero-interest loan is offered through the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development office and the loans are administered by local electric cooperatives, like Jackson Energy.   

Funds will be used for the purchase and installation of computer hardware, computer specialty software, furniture, and fixtures for 500 workstations at their London facility. 

“The Rural Development Loan program allows Jackson Energy the opportunity to help local companies expand operations and bring new jobs to the region,” said Jackson Energy President & CEO Carol Wright.  “Our mission is to improve the quality of life of those we serve in our region, not only by providing electric service, but also through economic development.”

“This partnership with Jackson Energy Cooperative is a shining example of our Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program,” said Rural Development Kentucky State Director Hilda Legg.  “The program aims to create and retain jobs in our rural areas, and this investment in Senture LLC will create over 500 jobs! I love seeing the ways our rural electric cooperatives are branching out – from economic development to last-mile broadband – and working with us to help our rural communities because when rural Kentucky thrives, America thrives!”


CUTLINE:  Jackson Energy President & CEO Carol Wright presents a big check presenting the $2 million dollar Rural Economic Development Loan to Chris Deaton, President & CEO of Senture, LLC.

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