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Sand Gap Elementary Principal Mrs Barbara Masters notified parents/guardians on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 that they had received a confirmed report that an individual(s) who attends or works at the Sand Gap Elementary School has tested positive for COVID-19. This is the second case reported by Sand Gap Elementary in the past week. Mrs. Masters reported the first case in Sand Gap Elementary on October 15, 2020.

For anyone who has a positive COVID-19 test or exposure, notification will be given to the local health department. The health department will then conduct contact tracing with the assistance of the school. 

 Due to a positive COVID-19 case in the school, the individual(s) will follow the CDC guidelines before re-entry:

  1. At least ten (10) days have past since symptom onset and

  2. At least twenty-four (24) hours have past since resolution of a fever without the use of medications and

  3. Other symptoms have improved. Cough will refer to a new uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing.

  4. We will not require written confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test from a medical provider for return to school or work. Although a negative COVID-19 test is not required to return to school or work, we do recommend that you have a negative COVID-19 test before returning.

In the event of an exposure confirmed by the local health department, students/employees will have an isolation period for fourteen (14) days before re-entry.

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