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Jocelyn Isaacs was excited to get a new backpack at the Back to School Bash last week!

School starts this week!! The “Opening Day” with teachers and staff was held on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 and the first day for students will be on Thursday, August 8th. Superintendent Mike Smith said the opening day was maybe the best one ever conducted by the JCPS. They heard from speakers on issues such as “confidentiality” and safety.

Last Tuesday, students like Jocelyn Isaacs attended the “Back to School Bash” at the JCHS cafeteria to get free school supplies. During the opening day for teachers and staff Superintendent Mike Smith reflected on a few of the accomplishments in the 2018/19 School Year: three JCPS schools were in the highest assessment designation (JCHS, MES and TES) and the JCHS being in top ten in state in transition readiness; Preschool Program – 5 star rating; establishing the JCPS Learning Center; School Resource Officer at JCHS; Grants – Striving Reader, Gear UP and 21st Century Learning Grant at TES; $45,000 of shoes, socks and books from STC for elementary school students; Google certification for employees (75 total; 60 at Level I and 15 at Level II); District wide wireless initiative completed with McKee Elementary and Sand Gap Elementary; Exceeding the 1 to 1 ratio of devices to students with a goal of 1 to 1 ratio of chrome-books to students (very close at 1,600 chromebooks); Completion of DW LED light initiative and DW web based energy control system initiative will be completed in approximately one month ( both played significant part in JCPS being ranked tenth in the state in energy efficiency); completion of DW kitchen renovation finished with JCMS, including new cafeteria tables at JCMS and new wall cabinet cafeteria tables at SGES; District wide scoreboard initiative completed with two new LED scoreboards at the JCMS gymnasium; Participation in the Elgin Bible Release Program (pilot at MES; SGES and TES will begin participation this school year);

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In terms of the upcoming school year, Superintendent Smith stated that the District will implement the legal requirement that all public school in Kentucky display the National Motto “ In God We Trust” in all of our schools. Smith reported, “We ordered a very nice plaque and our principals are planning some additional displays, as well. Our board approved the legal requirement that took effect July 1, 2019 in the July policy updates on July 16, 2019 regular meeting with a 5-0 vote. We are very pleased that the national motto can now be displayed in our schools.”


According to a new state law, all Kentucky schools must display the National Motto in some fashion this year

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