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Jackson County Sheriff Paul Hays 

We made it through the Memorial Day holiday with minimal traffic issues.  We are thankful that none were seriously injured in traffic accidents.  Our office received several complaints relative to domestic issues, but most worked out without serious incident.  

The 2021 graduation is now past us and our children are on summer break.  The summer is a good time to enjoy life as a youth, however, we always have trouble due to kids with time on their hands.  Please encourage your children to operate any motor vehicles safely and with due regard for the traffic laws.  Know where your children are and who they are with at all times.  Many kids get into trouble because they choose to follow people who are doing the wrong things.  Don't let that happen to your child.  Spend quality time with your children and make sure they have something to do.  Old fashion work is good medicine for teenage boys and girls.  

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office will be conducting traffic check points at various locations throughout the county this summer.  Our purpose is to check license, registration, insurance and DUI infractions.  The locations will be clearly seen and there will be cruisers with blue lights operational, to help you recognize what is occurring.  We will limit travel for only a short time, so please be patient and slow down if you see police cars with emergency lights operational.  

Last week the JCSO answered 77 calls for service.  We investigated 4 traffic accidents, opened 5   criminal cases and arrested 3 individuals on various criminal charges.  The June session of JC Circuit Court will occur next week, so there will be significant activity in and around the courthouse.  Thank you for your continuing prayers and support.  

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