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As a young man, most of my Labor Day holidays were spent in the tobacco field. We either cut or housed the tobacco in what always felt like the hottest of times. The smell of the tobacco, mixed with lots of sweat was not sweet, but as I think back on it, I remember only the good times. It was very hard work that was mixed with laughter, jokes, great meals my mom prepared for all of us and the joy of working with family. Labor Day was created to remind all of us of the effort that made our country great. The ability to earn an honest living by the sweat of our brows and the calluses on our hands is truly a blessing. It creates pride in all of us and makes us appreciate whatever we have as a result of our own labor. I hope your Labor Day holiday was a great one!

Recently, several change machines have been damaged or stolen thieves in our county. Our deputies have open investigations into the case at Corner Quick Stop and at Cove Car Wash in Bond. Reports of similar crimes are occurring in Clay, Laurel and other counties, so if you see someone around a closed convenience store late at night or early morning, please call dispatch at 606-287-9979 with detailed information on the vehicle and registration, if you know. Perhaps your information will help law enforcement make an arrest in these cases.

Many people seem to be depressed by all the fear surrounding Covid. An increasing number of our own citizens seem to be infected with this dangerous virus. It is easy to believe all hope is lost, and we will never see better days. We cannot live our lives fearing the unknown, however. The best medicine for me is laughter. I have a great friend who loves to tell stories that keep me laughing. The funniest part is that most of his stories involve him as the brunt of the joke! The ability to laugh at our own limitations, weaknesses and imperfections is great medicine. We can't walk around like Chicken Little believing the sky is falling, because the sky is not falling. Positive attitude about life keeps us all young! Laugh a little and try not to worry about the unknowns.

Stay off the phones while operating a motor vehicle! Studies have shown, texting while driving is even more dangerous than operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Young drivers particularly seem to fail to see the potential danger in texting while driving. We don't want to see traffic accidents that occur because of distracted drivers.

Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to forty-eight calls for service. We investigated five traffic accidents, opened two criminal cases and arrested five individuals on various offenses. Our court security team waited on the courts, served civil and criminal documents and transported prisoners and mental patients. We always appreciate the support from the community and appreciate your prayers on our behalf. God Bless.


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