Jerry Pennington and Ryan Smith with Paul Hays

Jerry Pennington and Ryan Smith presents Sheriff Paul Hays with a check for ma little over $3,000 raised during the "Back the Blue Rally" in McKee

 It is amazing how needs are met in the strangest way.  Last year we did not have enough funding at the end of the year to replace worn equipment and clothing for our deputies.  Those type issues can sometimes make officers consider options at other departments. We pay our deputies as much as possible, and our officer salaries are greatly improved from past years.   How one looks in uniform and what equipment is provided, however, makes a huge difference in morale.  Last week, following our Back The Blue celebration at McKee, the organizers of the event presented me a check for $3,622.90.  The money was raised from sales of shirts, donations from churches and citizens, dunking booth sales, food items sales, etc. from a group of people who worked long hours to make a difference at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.  As a result, needed equipment and clothing items have been ordered for all our employees. The deputies are all overjoyed by the support from the community and our morale can not be better!  I have sent messages of thanks to all the organizers, musicians, food vendors, and particularly Brandon Coffey, a young man whose action initiated this great event.  I also want to thank the people who came out and spent their time and money to help us enjoy the day.  Thank YOU and God Bless!  You made a difference!

Jackson Countians should be very proud of our high school football team!  Last weekend, Jackson County traveled to Louisville to play Shawnee High School.  Prior to the event, Coach Hallock gave a speech to both teams that, in my view, was one of the most respectful and enlightening speeches I have heard in years.  His words should be heard by every leader from the local level through Washington DC!  In just a few minutes, Coach Hallack described how both teams have more issues which should bring us together than those that seperate us.  We both struggle to find respect.  We both come from difficult circumstances.  Our blood is all the same color no matter the race to which we are born.  I appreciate Coach Hallock and Jackson County Schools for their effort to step up in such a troubled time.  If I had a son, I would want him to play football for a coach like ours.  Congratulations on the victory and, more important, the manner in which this team represented Jackson County with dignity and integrity.   Great Job!

I am still trying to locate the owner of a black horse that was picked up in the Salt Rock Community of Jackson County.  The horse had been running loose for three weeks prior to me taking possession of it.  If you or anyone you know is missing a horse, contact me at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.  If we do not hear from anyone this week, I will consider the horse abandoned.  

Someone stole a Red Honda Rancher ATV from the residence of Kelly Bonta in the Sand Gap area on Saturday, October 3rd.  If you have any information regarding the theft, please contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.  We are most interested in your information and not your identity.  

Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to fifty-six calls for service.  We investigated three traffic accidents, opened four criminal investigations and arrested two individuals on various criminal charges.  Our court security team waits on the courts, serves civil and criminal papers and transports prisoners and mentally ill patients.  Our entire staff works very hard to keep our people safe and secure.  God Bless everyone for the support you have shown recently.  We greatly appreciate every good word of encouragement.  Thank you.   

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