Sheriff Paul Hays

It is easy to think we see the sky falling right now.  It seems every day we are confronted with more and more bad news.  Recently our Governor initiated an Executive Order mandating most people, with a few exceptions for health concerns, to wear masks when in a public place where social distancing is not practical.  I believe the Covid Virus to be a really serious matter, although I question the statistics given by the media.  Some question if the Governor has the right to mandate rules without approval of the legislature.  My belief is this order will remain for approximately thirty days until the success or lack of success is determined.

There are a few matters to consider when you decide whether to comply or not.  To begin, the Sheriff's office is not the Mask Police. We will not be issuing citations regarding this Executive Order. Enforcement  in this matter is the responsibility of the local Health Department. I am sure they did not ask for this extra responsibility, but it was thrust upon them.  Additionally, the emphasis for enforcement is the businesses that have a license to operate. I suspect any enforcement of this mask policy will fall upon businesses.  Therefore, I personally ask each citizen to be respectful and understanding to our local businesses.  The employees and management who work in businesses are between the proverbial "rock and hard place." Their business could see very stiff penalties or closure if they fail to comply.  Therefore, even if you don't agree with the Governor's order, don't blame our local businesses and consider their situation as you support local businesses.

On Monday night, July 13, a young lady lost her life due to drowning near the bridge on KY 89 North. This death investigation was handled by Fish and Wildlife, and remains an open investigation at this time. Please remember to wear some type of life preserver if you plan to be around any water.  It only takes a moment to be in a life or death struggle and the results can be devastating to everyone involved.  

Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to forty-eight calls for service.  We investigated one traffic accident and opened three criminal cases with one arrest.  Thank you for the many calls of support for our personnel.  We appreciate every kindness.  God Bless.

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