Sheriff Paul Hays

I love to watch UK Basketball! I also like college football and baseball, particularly the World Series. All these are exciting to me, particularly since so much training and hard work takes place to become a winner. I heard an old college football coach who believed how you played in the fourth quarter determined the character of your team. That made me think about how that can apply to life. How we live in our final quarter of life shows more about our character than any other time in our lives. Our senior citizens deserve much more respect than they get. Many can remember the Great Depression, World War II, Vietnam, and all the battles of the past twenty years. They can recall when President Kennedy was assassinated, when President Reagan was shot and when President Nixon was removed from office. They have experienced turmoil, they have done without for their families and they have overcome tremendous obstacles. They have earned our respect! The younger generation could learn many great lessons if they would just listen. Perhaps we can give it a try?

Our property tax collection for 2019 is nearing an end for the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. May 15, 2020, is the last day for the Sheriff's Office to collect your property taxes for 2019, so if you haven't yet paid those taxes, please make arrangements to do so immediately. After that date you will have to contact the Jackson County Clerk to pay taxes and there will be a significant penalty imposed on top of the tax bill. You can still mail your tax payments in this week, so don't forget. Thank you for your cooperation.

2020 Census workers will resume going to residences on Wednesday May 13, 2020. I can not express enough, the significance of getting every person in our county accounted for. The Census determines how much of the Federal money is forwarded to Jackson County. It helps determine road improvements, school improvements, county government, etc. functions in the future. Help us to help you! Complete the Census online or allow the Census workers to complete the form at your earliest convenience. It is really important.

I am happy to announce our county is slowly but surely returning to a more normal state. I look forward to a good hair cut, having a served dinner and many of the services we took for granted in the past. Businesses and factories are again producing goods and services and people can look forward to again going to work and earning a paycheck. Thank God!

Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to forty calls for service. We investigated four traffic accidents, opened four criminal cases and arrested two individuals on various criminal charges. We appreciate the support from the public and continue to ask for your thoughts and prayers for those who struggle with the Corona virus.

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