Sheriff Paul Hays

In the blink of an eye something terrible can happen. This weekend some of our local citizens were involved in a terrible traffic accident that devastated our county. No one intended for the accident to occur; it was an accident. Regardless, we have grieving families to mourn this great loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the involved families as we pray for comfort in these trying days.

Seat belts do not always save lives, but your chances of survival in a traffic accident are greatly enhanced when you wear your restraints. We have many people in our county who ignore the law relative to safety belts. Fewer allow their young children to be in a vehicle not properly buckled into a child restraint. The bottom line is this, when involved in a traffic accident, seat belts have proven to greatly improve the chances of you staying alive with less injury if you are buckled up. I wear my seat belts and I highly recommend you do so as well. It is a sad situation when we have to notify loved ones that a family member has died in a traffic accident, so we take these things very seriously. Wear your seat belt.

Facebook has become a way to send messages instantly to anyone, anywhere. That can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing when used improperly. Facebook should never be a means to notify others of a crisis situation. It is cruel to the family and can cause more pain than necessary. Always consider the feelings of others when you post messages. Making hurtful or negative comments about someone over a media outlet is cowardly and rarely helps anyone. As my dear departed mother used to say, if you don’t have something good to say, don’s say anything at all.

Christmas is just around the corner! The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has, for the previous four years Stuffed the Cruiser for Christmas for our most needy children. We have delivered presents and some food to hundreds of families during the season when it is most needed. We need your help! If you wish to donate, you can bring money, new toys, coats, etc. and drop it off at the Sheriff’s Office. We will wrap the presents and see that every gift goes to someone who really needs something for Christmas. Each year the good citizens have come through for this cause. Help us make Christmas brighter for our children. Christ’ birth reminds us what Christmas is all about. You can share His love by helping others in need. Merry Christmas!

Last week the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to fifty-four calls for service. We investigated six traffic accidents, opened two criminal cases and arrested one individual on various criminal charges. Our Court Security team transported prisoners, mental patients and waited on the courts. We appreciate your support and your prayers for our officer’s safety. God Bless.

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