Sheriff Paul Hays

Last night, I dreamed one of my brothers was chasing a man through a field shooting at him.  It was a strange dream, but apparently in my dream he caught someone trying to break into his house.  Now, keep in mind, this is actually a dream and none of this actually occurred.  Perhaps my dream was because my nephew found a bullet hole and a projectile inside his home where someone accidentally fired a weapon from a long distance away.  The old saying, "What goes up surely will come down'" is true.  If a bullet is fired from a gun it will fall somewhere.  Therefore, it is always good to know your background if you are hunting, target practicing, etc.  Accidents happen every day and usually no one actually intends to hurt someone with a weapon, but if someone is injured, regardless if it is an accident, there are a lot of problems that will follow.  

Our High School baseball teams, both boys and girls, have had a great season this year.  The Jackson County boys team made it past the first round in the regional baseball tournament.  By the time you read this article we will know if they are going to the State Tournament for the first time in our history.  Regardless, I am very proud of the teams for their hard work and their demeanor both on and off the field.  Jackson County hosted the District and Regional Tournament this year in as good a facility as you will find anywhere.  It was a great time and the place was packed with fans.  Good Job JCHS!

We keep getting calls from people who sell vehicles and only sign over the title.  They then come to the office to complain that the person who bought the vehicle never changed over the title and registered the vehicle properly.  Never let a vehicle leave your possession until you make a trip to Duck Moore's office and transfer the title properly.  It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.  

Security cameras are the best tool a business can have.  Last week a couple of serious burglaries were solved because the owner of the businesses had security cameras and alarms.  No one deserves to have their property taken.  We will always do our best to put the facts together and make arrests when possible.  

Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to sixty-five calls for service.  We investigated five traffic accidents, opened six criminal cases and arrested one individual.  Our court security team transported patients to mental health facilities and waited on the courts.  Please continue to support us with your thoughts and prayers.  God Bless!

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