John Davis

A plan that is seemingly astonishing to mankind in the political arena is a balanced budget by any means necessary. Two of those doing well by Kentucky would be Thomas Massie and Rand Paul. They routinely expose frivolous and unnecessary spending rolled into government spending bills. Paul has been long a cheerleader calling for reduced spending in almost all areas in a need to balance the budget. For this good deed they perform they are rewarded by being told they are starving children, grandma and causing school age children to fail routine test due to lack of sleep in warm homes. It’s the old ploy of going immediately to the worse case plausible scenario for sympathy. It is as simple as absolutely spending less than you take in while taking in the minimum needed. The trouble in all of this is telling the truth to adults that aren’t quite.

An issue we suffer from is grasping issues when they are on a massive scale. Breaking the scenario down to a more personal level of involvement seems to produce a pill easier to digest. 

Let’s say in your household you and the spouse make 60,000 per year combined income. At the end of the fiscal year you find yourself seated in the accountants office working on a budget. The spouse presents to you all the years receipts, paid utilities, mortgage, etc but their is 26,000 unaccounted for. Neither of you can point to where it went. No record of business expenses, frivolous spending or any such can be drummed up. It’s simply vanished. One could fully expect finger pointing, accusations and denials. Justifiably so. We can all wrap our minds around a smaller scale situation such as described and we would all be outraged yet we allow such on a government level yearly. 

There is massive waste beyond any of our wildest imagination but because we’ve been conditioned to it we turn a blind eye. Budgets are inanimate objects and should be treated as such. On a personal level we’d ponder slashing the cable, going to a lower speed internet, the monthly subscription to car washes, cancel a few restaurant meals and generally taking any necessary means to spend less than we make. For some unbeknownst reason on a government level we allow complete frivolous spending. Pork is rolled into every single bill. Personal pet projects are rampant. Earmarked millions goes to everything from research of cow flatulence to the study of needle exchange programs in Guatemala. 

 We must demand better. In a modern age of technology with the availability to track a 32 cent package from Hong Kong to my doorstep in real time we should know how exactly our tax dollars are spent. Every American willing to do so should have access to a budget simple enough to grasp by anyone with a  comprehensive mind. Tracking where each of our dollars are spent and by whom on what should be standard procedure. Accountability is key and it’s far past time we demand some. We’ve been playing a shell game robbing Peter to pay Paul for many years. We now are standing on a dangerous precipice of a total collapse with Peter decides to join the receiving end alongside Paul. 


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