Sheriff Paul Hays

Have you ever watched the movie HOME ALONE?  The movie is funny and has a good ending where all the good guys are okay.  In real life, however, that is not always the case.  I recently received a call from a small child who said the parents were not home and someone was trying to get into their home.  The phone call was dropped and dispatch could never make contact again. The child could not give an address, so our search was from a "ping" on a phone.   We were never able to actually locate the young child, although we tried.  My greatest fear would be if the child was injured and we could not help the child.  NO child who was not mature enough to give an address, phone number, name of parents or something to help us locate them, should be left alone.  Every child is precious cargo, so parents have responsibility to take care of them.  If we find a child without a proper care giver, those children could likely be taken by Child Protective Services.  Be responsible.  

Fleeing or Evading Police in the First Degree is a felony.  When a police officer initiates emergency equipment directing you to stop, but you refuse to stop, placing others in substantial risk of injury, particularly if you are under the influence or involved in domestic violence, you risk going to prison for your actions.  More seriously, however is the risk you take with other people's lives.  It is not worth the risk, so please use good judgement and pull over if the police try to stop you.

 If you live next to a roadway, when you mow your grass, you may choose to blow the green clippings onto the road surface.  This practice is really dangerous for the motoring public, particularly motorcycles.  When you mow always leave the clippings in the yard and not on the roadway.  You might prevent a traffic accident and save a life.  

 Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to eighty calls for service.  We opened five criminal cases, investigated six traffic accidents and arrested three individuals for various charges.  We waited on the courts and served a volume of civil and criminal papers.  We really appreciate the support for our officers and those who back the blue.  Thank you.  

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