Shane Morris

Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.  Contact at (Subject:  “Notes”)


According to the man on the cusp of ascending to the Oval Office under what I believe is the darkest cloud of electoral shenanigans in American History; the trespassing which occurred at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021 marked one of the, “Darkest days in American History.”  Which of the two of us are the more accurate users of descriptors, I’ll leave to the individual reader.  What is not in doubt is the fact recent events in Washington, D.C. were the predictable outcome of four years worth of pent up frustration with the Uniparty.

The “Uniparty” is made up of career politicians from both political parties.  Establishment Democrats are unashamed about their objective to destroy the chief roadblock to their designs:  The US Constitution.  Establishment Republicans on the other hand preen about fidelity to the Constitution and our traditions; then turn their yellow tails and run at the first sign of a fight to defend them.

President Donald Trump has been correctly referred to as a transitional figure.  His dogged fight against the Uniparty has exposed for all to see who are the worst of the scoundrels selling our republic down the river.  (Just because a Uniparty politician’s sister-in-law sat upon the board of the Bank of China; would you then irrationally assume he was compromised by the Chi-coms?)

As to rioting, I’m glad to see doddering Old Joe’s sudden concern with mob violence.  But where was he this past summer when American cities were burned, businesses looted, and citizens murdered by Leftist insurrectionists?  Heck, the Hart Senate Office Building was overrun by rowdy Democrats during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings not more than two years ago and the Wisconsin State Capitol was occupied for more than a month in 2011 by radical Democrat demonstrators.  I haven’t even raised the very plausible possibility of infiltration of the US Capitol by disguised, violent Antifa provocateurs this past 6 January; which of the two men was Antifa terrorists’ preferred presidential candidate? 

And the bloodshed?  I fail to remember any unarmed BLM protesters shot and killed by agents of the government at the US Capitol Building post-George Floyd.  On 6 January, a black agent of the federal government shot and killed (on camera) an unarmed, white female Trump supporter by the name of Ashli Babbitt.  Did she fulfill the necessary elements for the application of lethal force (Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy)?  Anyone doubting my counter-narrative to the propagandists inside the Uniparty corporate media outlets should ask themselves two simple questions:  1.  Why isn’t the well-documented Babbitt homicide the central point of current national debate?  2.  If this situation were reversed (unarmed, black female BLM protester shot on camera by a white male agent of the US Government); can you honestly say that incident wouldn’t now be running in a continual loop on all media/social media outlets?  The officer immediately identified/vilified?  Cities set ablaze, etc.?  Regardless, homicide investigation(s) should be transparent.

The Civil War generation spent years binding the post-war nation back together.  Those who stoke tensions today via electoral chicanery (multiple states conducted the recent elections in violation of the US Constitution’s Article II, Section 1 and Article I of the 14th Amendment); engage in rank hypocrisy (glossing over a summer’s worth of mayhem by “mostly peaceful” Leftist criminals, then becoming sanctimoniously “SHOCKED!  SHOCKED!” when the shoe is for once on the other foot); or abdicate their constitutional duties; are playing with fire as surely as their counterparts did 160 years ago.

Next Week:  Gunsite Rule #4

Shane Morris is a retired soldier and teacher.  Contact at (Subject:  “NtC”)

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