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North Laurel’s Reed Shepherd made news lately by scoring 50 points against South Laurel in a victory for the Jaguars. Did you know that in the 1950’s the McKee Bulldogs featured a player that scored 50 or more points on two separate occasions. (Data courtesy of 13th Region Media Network (Boys Basketball Page))

50 Point Club


Paul Sears scored 50 points in a game versus Greendale on January 14, 1951. He duplicated the feat in a game against Tyner High School when he scored 54 points in the Bulldogs victory over the Cardinals. In an interview with Sears a few years back he stated that the coach took him out after scoring 54 points because the game was well in hand and he didn’t want to embarrass the opposing team. “If the Coach had left me in the game for the rest of the second half I would have out the 13th Region scoring title out of reach,” Sears said.  


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