2020 JCHS Generals Football team

Coach Hallock has a dedicated group of Generals! They respect everyone but fear no one! Always Attack!

The 2020 Generals football team greets a new Head Coach John Hallock this season. Coach Hallock comes to the field more than ready for the challenge. However, the coaches and the team are also tackling an opponent that doesn’t wear a school jersey: COVID-19. The team saw its first scheduled home game cancelled because Jackson County was experiencing an outbreak of the virus. The Superintendent of the visiting school determined that it was simply too risky to send their team to the Generals hometown so they cancelled. Nonetheless, Coach Hallock is focused on keeping everyone safe but also trying to find a way to make the season possible and productive for his players. 

Coach Hallock reported, “The pandemic obviously has created a challenge for every program.  We have a lot of work ahead of us but have great coaches on all levels: Shawn Shearer-youth, Clay Dalton, M.S. and Russ Shearer, Aaron Raider and Austin Hundley, Tanner Johnson, Tyler Bailey and Cody Byrd helping me with the H.S. I am thankful these men are dedicating their time and effort into our program Our focus is establishing a culture of toughness, attitude and effort and building numbers. COVID has taken hit on our numbers but we have to find away to work with it. Our opponents are not concerned with our excuses or woes. We have a lot of youth and lack depth due to numbers. We have had great head coaches here before me working hard to increase numbers. It is not an easy thing to do and COVID has made it tougher. Football is a numbers game. A 3A roster should be around 40-45. We have around 27-30. Moving forward our coaches, players and community must figure out how we can attract more interest in football. Right now it is a tough time to do that.  Our experienced guys are talented and have great attitudes and work ethic. We are not where we want to be but we have made progress. Much more needs to be made.  Overall, I am pleased with our progress but not satisfied. We have a lot of work ahead of us to reach our full potential. The players must desire to get there and I see that desire in their eyes. The coaching staff and I are excited to tackle this challenge but it won't be easy. We are blessed to have two former Varsity head coaches still in our program Clay Dalton, Head Middle School coach and Russ Shearer, High School AHC and OC. Both coaches have invested a lot of their heart and soul into Jackson County football and I am profoundly grateful they remain committed to putting Jackson Co football on the map both men are great coaches and people. Their continued involvement will be a key factor in our development as a program. I believe we can build something special. Time, patience and determination will be the ingredient to fuel this process.”

The team will be led by several seniors this season including: Blake Allen, Nick Baldwin, Gavin Barrett, Shawn Browning, Orrin Frost, TYler Sizemore, Sam Velasco, and Hunter Wade. 



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