Girls Little League

Girls Little League started this at Annville on Tuesday, June 07th, 2020 The League wanted to make the parents of the players aware of a few guidelines that everyone is expected to follow!

1. Girls will not be allowed to sit in the dugout the first sets of bleachers closest to the dugout will be reserved for the Players only. Girls will hang their bags and equipment outside the dugout on the fence. For the parents it’s highly recommended that you bring a chair.

2. Girls will be using Germ X in between innings and we will be spraying equipment with Lysol in between switching players.

3. There will be no handshaking after games only yelling across the field, “Good Game!”

4. While in line at the concession stand please try to social distance at least 6 feet from the person in front of you.

5. Have the girls put their drinks in their bags so they aren’t drinking after each other.

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