The JCHS Cross Country teams travelled to Lykins Park in Winchester, KY on Saturday, October 10, 2020 to participate in the 15th Annual GRC Coaches Classic. The event was hosted by George Rogers Clark school. The JCHS placed 7th out of 11 teams with a score of 161. The Boy’s average time (average of the top 5 runners) for the 5K run was a season low of 20:05. The Girl’s average was a school record of 25:20. (It should be noted that the girl’s team is composed entirely of underclassmen with no Juniors or Seniors on the squad. Coach Rader described this year’s Girl’s team as the largest and best Girl’s team in the history of their program). 

For the Boy’s team Senior Clay Akemon finished 11th out of 96 runners with a time of 18:13.37. Junior Trenton Hammonds finished 36th with a time of 20:08.69. Sophomore Keiton Anderson finished 41st with a time of 20:35.48. Junior Johnathon Collet finished 42nd with a time of 20:36.92. Sophomore Jude Lakes finished 48th with a time of 20:52.34. Junior Colby Bales finished 55th (21:08.08), Junior Nick Combs finished 62nd (21:32.43), Junior Morgan Bellamy finished 66th (21:44.60), Senior Garret Roark finished 80th (23:06.02), and Senior Zander Elam finished 83rd (23:23.79). 

For the Girl’s squad 8th grader Isabelle Shearer placed 12th out of 80 runners with a time of 21:47.84. Freshman Kylee Shannon finished 42nd (24:11.24), Sophomore Adycin Truett finished 46th (24:42.97), 8th grader Larkin Vaughn finished 65th (27:45.52), 8th grader Shelby Berry finished 66th (28:13.69), Sophomore Madison Marcum finished 69th (28:26.42), and 8th grader Blakelyn Fee finished 79th (32:54.27). 

In the 4000 meter run junior varsity members Ryann Sowder ran a time of 22:44, Bryce Coyle ran 19:41, Merrick Rader ran 20:16 and Elizabeth Wensel ran a time of 23:28. 

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