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John Hallock was hired as Head Football Coach for the Generals!!

Dear Parents, Guardians and players!
We entered the 2021 season with great hope COVID concerns would be a thing of the past, however, as one who lost his mother to COVID last year, I have experienced first hand the devastation this disease can wreak. This disease affects people differently, from no symptoms to death and everything in between. That is why we have to maximize every effort to mitigate the spread of this disease. We neither want to overreact or underreact we want to react wisely and appropriately.
While we hoped COVID and it’s affects would be in our rear view mirror by now - it isn’t. Dozens of scrimmages and games have been canceled state wide and over a dozen football programs are in quarantine - to include ours. We have lost opportunities to scrimmage and play two games so far due to mass quarantines. I hurt for the kids, parents and guardians.
I have been head coach for two years - both during COVID. I have only head coached in 5 of the 12 scheduled games due to COVID cancellations. You would think I would say these two years have been a waste and served no purpose. Scripture says “All things work toward the good for those who love God.”
That is true for me. I would not have chosen anywhere else to be than here the last two years.
I have seen a small dedicated group of young men continue to be coached, challenged and pushed not knowing when their next game will be! They are GREAT kids and I can’t tell you how much the coaches and I love them!
Our community should be so proud of them. I am a hard guy and don’t always easily show my love for my guys but I have tears in my eyes as I think of each one of them as I write this. They keep believing, trusting and working!
We as a community could learn a lot from these boys - I sure have! I love them and I am proud of them!
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I thank you for your patience. I can’t promise what happens in the future but our boys are united, they are a family and they are getting through this together! They inspire me and I hope they inspire you too!
Hope to get after it next Friday! Pray for our boys and community! God will never leave or forsake us!
Coach Hallock

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