Rebecca Faye Wilson

Rebecca Faye Wilson, 35, of Tyner, KY was arrested and arraigned on drug charges this week

Kelly Blevins

Kelly Blevins, 51, of Booneville, KY was also arrested on drug related charges along with Rebecca Faye Wilson

According to documents supplied by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office a complaint was received of trespassers at the last house on Mattie Gabbard Road. When Deputy Z. Bryant and Deputy Daniel Isaacs arrived they made contact with Rebecca Faye Wilson, 35, of Tyner, KY and Kelly Blevins, 51, of Booneville, KY inside a Chevrolet Trail Blazer. Wilson gave Deputy Bryant permission to search the vehicle. When Wilson exited the vehicle she told Deputy Isaacs that she did not have anything illegal on her person. However, when she was asked to empty her pockets Deputy Isaacs noticed a clear bag fall to the ground. When she was asked what was in the bag she stated that it was heroin. She then stated that she had a bag of meth inside her bra, whereupon she retrieved the bag of crystal substance from her bra and handed it to Deputy Isaacs. The search of the vehicle revealed a glass meth pipe located in a glasses case that was in Wilson’s purse. Also inside the purse was a red container that had a magnet taped to it and inside the container were various pills. While in route to the Jackson County Detention Center Wilson stated that she had an additional bag of meth inside her bra and she retrieved that bag as well and gave it to Deputy Isaacs.

See the May 08th, 2019 issue of the Jackson County Sun for the complete story!!!

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