Sheriff Paul Hays

I received a nice gift from an unknown person from Michigan this week.  I was going through the drive through window at DQ to take dinner home to my family.  When I arrived at the pay window, the waitress said my food was paid for by the unknown person with Michigan tags.  I have no idea who it was and they had already left, but it reminded me, even during these difficult days, there are still a lot of good people who appreciate police officers and what we do.  Since I could buy my own food, I paid for the food of the person behind me. The song... TRY A LITTLE KINDNESS.. came to mind as I left the store.  Whoever you are, Thank YOU.

  My grandsons and I watched a great movie the other night. The movie was based upon a true story of an overgrown, fat boy who wanted to be an Arkansas Razorback football player when he grew up.  No one thought it possible, but this young man was determined to accomplish his mission in life.  When he graduated from High School, he received a full paid scholarship to Arkansas Tech College.  His family was overjoyed, but this young man tore the scholarship in two, stating he was going to play football for the University of Arkansas.  Ultimately he walked on to the football team, lost seventy-five pounds of fat and put on sixty pounds of pure muscle.  He earned a full ride scholarship, became an all-american and was headed for a career in the National Football League until he was taken suddenly in a traffic accident one week prior to the beginning of the NFL season.  It seems to be a sad ending to a great story.  Ironically, however,  the many people who watched him overcome tremendous odds by doing things the right and honest way, still remember him today.  He left a legacy for others to follow. His is the only Arkansas football jersey retired in the 125 year history of Arkansas football. Scholarships in his honor recognize hard work and determination. He remains an inspiration today.  I believe it is within us all to do great things If we are willing to give our best efforts.  Be an example for those you love.

   Friday, July 31, 2020, McKee PD Chief Sizemore and I responded to a domestic violence complaint on South KY 89.  The initial call was a fight in progress with weapons involved. Upon arrival one of the parties had left the residence.  We advised the parties still at the residence, the process to obtain warrants, should they wish to pursue it.  Shortly after we left, we received a second call for basically the same thing.  This time Chief Sizemore and I arrested both parties for domestic violence and other charges.  We tried to resolve the matter without anyone being arrested but the situation was obviously not going to end peacefully so criminal charges had to be placed. 

   Before we could make it to the Detention Center, we received a call of a man holding his daughter hostage at his residence on New Zion Ridge.  Deputy Keith Berry and I responded to that call.  Upon arrival it became clear the young lady was not being held hostage, but the perpetrator appeared to be intoxicated.  When Deputy Berry searched the male subject, he found a Meth pipe and a quantity of Methamphetamine in the male subject's pocket.  The male was arrested and lodged in the Jackson County Detention Center.  

   Jonathon Mullins, who is charged with the armed robbery of the Dollar Store in Tyner, is now in jail.  Saturday morning, August 1, 2020, shortly after midnight, Deputy Bobby Edwards, J. R. Weaver and Shawn Madden located Mullins at a house on Pond Lick Branch Road.  Mullins was found hiding in an attic covered with insulation.  He eventually surrendered to arrest without incident. KSP processed the arrest warrants on Mullins, since they have the Tyner Dollar General Store robbery investigation. Two additional warrants were executed on Mullins.  Hopefully he will remain in confinement for the foreseeable future. 

   Last week the Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to sixty-two calls for service.  We investigated four traffic accidents, opened two criminal cases and arrested five individuals on various criminal offenses. In most cases, JCSO works directly with other agencies who may be actually carrying arrests on individuals. We are not concerned with who gets the credit, but getting the job done, protecting our good citizens.  We really appreciate the support of the public as we work in trying times to make our country safe.

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