Shootin' It Straight - John Davis

John Davis

I have a few children who have a obsession with motorcycles. They have only two gears when riding with both being fast and faster. When you push anything to the limit whether it be motorcycles or power tools things will ultimately go wrong. When it goes wrong at high speed it generally has catastrophic results. Much like a old coworker used to quip “The fall ain’t bad but that sudden stop at the end is rough”.

Two of the untamed children found that sudden stop and the end of a fast fall in the form of a head on collision on opposing dirt bikes on the farm. 

 Thanks to good protective gear, my good woman with medical knowledge and a large helping of undeserved mercy they are just fine. There have been lesser wrecks that have dished out life long consequences. For the amount of dangerous behavior I have logged in my life I personally deserve a harsher hand than I’ve been dealt. Most of us go through daily life as if the good we have grown accustomed to is a foregone conclusion. It isn’t and a quick glance around our small community will remind you that the most careful among us are still blessed with undeserved mercy. 

 I can speak for myself but each of us can apply the template to our own life with little effort. The feet doesn’t hold enough toes nor the hands enough fingers to count the multitude of times I’ve dodged the proverbial bullet. I’ve  experienced surgeries that have went sideways with dreary looking outcomes. I have mashed the gas just a little more when the mismatched Goodyears are already screaming in protest around the curves on old 30. Slid both up and down large portions of the Rocky Mountains in snow storms tugging along a 53 foot long trailer loaded for bear. I’ve allowed stubbornness to nearly cripple me by pushing harder when my body long ago said stop. From nearly being caught in violent confrontations with no chance at decent outcome to near miss wrecks I have been a recipient of more than my share of undeserved mercy. 

 Whether it be prayers sent up by a mother, a repentant heart or God simply laughing at fools I have a better life than my living deserves. I am forever thankful and more so as I grow older for all the things I haven’t experienced. All the missed opportunities or unfortunate events. The nearly almost was situations. The close calls I may never have seen coming. The unanswered prayer or the answer to the one I never sent up as I made foolish mistakes. I can assuredly say I’ve used more than my dosage of undeserved mercy and if I never see another drop it’s been put to good use.

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