Top Three Men Winners of War Hammer 100 Mile Endurance Run.jpg

Top Three Men Winners of 2018 War Hammer 100 Mile Endurance Run were 1st - Will Rivera (24:46:37), 2nd - Adam Rood (25:03:22) and Matt Hoyes (26:45:12)

Michelle McLellan Womens Champion War Hammer 100 Mile Endurance Run.jpg

The top finisher for the women was Michelle McLellan in the 2018 War Hammer 100 Mile Endurance Run

The War Hammer 100 Mile Endurance Race sponsored by Next Opportunity Events is scheduled to pass through Jackson County on June 08th, 2019 bringing group of super athletes through Jackson County. Next Opportunity promotes the event as giving runners “the chance to take a once in a lifetime journey along the Sheltowee Trace. The War Hammer 100 starts at the Natural Bridge State Park in the beautifully lush Red River Gorge and travels south to Wildcat Mountain - site of the Civil War Battle and the gateway to the Cumberland Plateau in Laurel County. 100 miles across Kentucky. One way. One weekend. It will feel like battle against yourself, against your fellow runners, and against the environment. Only those with the will to persist will reach the finish line at Wildcat Mountain.”

The race will start at 6:00 am EST, on Saturday, June 8, 2019 and the cut-off time to finish will be 4:00 pm EST on Sunday, June 9, 2019. In order to qualify to run in this race one must meet certain criteria. These include:

• All runners must be 18 years of age or older to participate. No exceptions.

• All runners wishing to run the 2019 War Hammer 100 Miler must successfully complete an official trail race* that meets at least one of the following criteria within 15 months of the 2019 race date. That means that qualifiers for the 2019 race must be completed between March 8, 2018 and June 7, 2019. Qualifiers must meet one of the following criteria:

o A fixed distance race of at least 50 miles. Runners must complete the race before that race’s established cut-off time.

o A fixed time race of at least 12 hours (i.e. 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, etc.)in which the runner must complete 40 full miles in under 12 hours.

o A fixed distance race of at least 50 kilometers with a minimum of 10,000’ of vertical ascent (must be verified by the race’s official web page).

(*Any race used as a War Hammer qualifier must be an official, organized event that charges registration fees, is timed, and posts official online results. Strava activities, fat asses, fun runs, and similar unofficial or informal activities will not be accepted as qualifying events.)

Last year thirty-eight (38) runners from several states (Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, Montana, Indiana, and North Carolina) signed up to run 100 miles through the Daniel Boone National Forest with a 32 hour time limit on the race. The race was billed as “the newest and most intense endurance challenge in Kentucky covering 100 miles along the Sheltowee Trace from Red River Gorge to Wildcat Mountain. This included almost 40 miles of the Sheltowee Trace located within Jackson County. These races can have substantial impact in the local economy and can represent thousands of dollars in local revenue.

Last year thirteen (13) runners finished the race (10 men and 3 women). The winner in the Men’s category (Will Rivera) finished the 100 mile race in 24 hours and 46 mins. The winner in the Female category (Michelle McLellan) crossed the finish line in 26 hours and 57 min.

The War Hammer Endurance Run brought runners and their friends and families into Jackson County to experience our local trails with their natural beauty and also our local hospitality. The event was a great success for our community with numerous organizations and community volunteers working together efficiently to make sure everything ran smoothly and safely. Everyone that visited felt at home. Jackson County volunteers will attend to several aid stations in the county toprovide runners with food and water and first-aid treatment, if necessary. There is a great need for volunteers to man these stations during the day on Saturday and throughout the night as the runners will not be stopping for sleep. If you are interested in volunteering to help contact Ralonda Nicholson (Jackson County Tourism, Chairperson) 606-493-5604.

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