James Marcum

James "Jayme" Marcum and his wife, Shay are excited about becoming more involved in the local community. Jayme's skills will help us make our paper even better!

Join us in welcoming James Marcum, (more commonly known as Jayme here in Jackson County) to the staff at the Jackson County Sun! Jayme was born and raised here in Jackson County and was a 2006 graduate of the JCHS. He is the son of Dan and Kaye Mathis & James and Kim Marcum. His grandparents are Glennwood McQueen and Donald & Judy Marcum. Jayme and his wife, Shay Marcum are proud residents of the county and look to become increasingly active in local events and working with the community. Jayme will perform General Manager duties as well as advertising sales and graphic design and layout. He has 10 years of newspaper experience from Community Newspaper Holdings Inc and brings an impressive set of skills and knowledge to the job. The Jackson County Sun is always striving to become even better and Jayme’s services will go a long way toward making that happen.

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