Brody Keck

Brody Keck

Truth is never more unpopular than when it proves its unrivaled wingspan. Truth is able to maneuver through the most fortified defense and lift higher than even the tallest falsehood. Truth is often ‘self-evident’ as the writers of the Declaration of Independence noted. The idea of certain truths being self-evident is a personal favorite idea because it demonstrates truths objectivity and universality. As inalienable as the rights following that formidable idea is creations way of marshalling truth in this tenant, “what is done in darkness will be brought to the light.”

The idea is theological and illustrated through the physical relationship in the cosmos impervious to man. There is day and night, light and dark, and these occurrences do not change, nor are they altered. Right and wrong fall under the same fountain blanket in the idea. 

Test the tenant for its weight and see if it alterable. When has a lie, minor or egregious, not hindered or even destroyed something along its fault line? When has falsehood withstood the quake of truth without crumbling? When has night not been driven out by day? When has the depths and crevices of darkness not been entirely exposed by the very presence of light? 

Translated to life and morality, this means that every performance motivated out of greed and gain, every lie told, every thrust of a blade into the back of another, every scramble for self-preservation may keep us for a while. Once truth rises as light over our practiced darkness, we own the consequences. This is reason enough to be a person of the day, to be without fear of what may become visible.

What is done in the darkness will be brought to the light. 


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