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Area Officers Take Down Meth Lab
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Area Officers Take Down Meth Lab

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Two Local Men Face Serious Charges

Local Officers Essentially Burst in on ‘Ticking-Time Bomb’

Defendants Mosley and Tolson Looking at Decades in Jail

Multiple Officers Put in Danger Effectuating Arrest

Two area residents, both reportedly living in Jackson, Kentucky at the time of arrest, were indicted for numerous felony offenses, some of which are considerably serious. James Mosley and Kenneth Tolson were both arrested and the bail for the pair was set at $10,000.00 cash, per defendant, by Circuit Court Judge, Lisa Whitman 

Under Indictment No. 21-CR-37-001, both defendants were charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine, 1st Offense, in violation of KRS §218A.1432(1)The indictment identifies the offense as being a B felony.

According to KRS §218A.1432, (1) a person is guilty of manufacturing methamphetamine when he knowingly and unlawfully: (a) Manufactures methamphetamine; or (b) With intent to manufacture methamphetamine possesses two (2) or more chemicals or two (2) or more items of equipment for the manufacture of methamphetamine.  Under (2) of the same statute, a first-offense is a Class B and a second or subsequent offense is a Class A felony.

A Class B felony in Kentucky carries 10 to 20 years' imprisonment, according to online research conducted by newspaper personnel. In this instance, it is being alleged the two men possessed ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine, or their salts and isomers. It will be the government’s apparent position these components are used to manufacture the finished product.

The pair are also charged with having wantonly endangered the officers who arrested them. According to Counts II, III, and IV of the present indictment, neither man advised the officers of the existence of an active meth lab. These offenses are all three D-felonies and violate KRS §508.060.

Class D-felonies in Kentucky, again, according to online research, are punishable by from one (1) to five (5) years in prison. Meth labs, according to online sources, are environmental hazards. 

The by-products of meth labs contaminate their surroundings with harmful fumes and highly explosive chemical compounds. Both abandoned and active labs are basically time-bombs. 

A single spark can ignite the contents of the lab. Working labs are just as unsafe as abandoned ones because untrained chemists are simultaneously using meth while working with the flammable, chemical components.

People are reminded one charged with an offense is presumed to be innocent until such time as he or she either pleads guilty to the offense, or, upon a plea of not guilty, a jury of his or her peers can be sworn and impaneled and the matter tried until a verdict is reached. Proof of the commission to support conviction has to be beyond a reasonable doubt and the accused is entitled, by law, to be presumed innocent of any charges until such time as the matter can be joined for trial and the accused is afforded an opportunity to confront the government’s case. 

This is a developing story. Check our print edition, coming out tomorrow, and back here for further details.

Note: Mr. Long is an award-winning Kentucky journalist recognized for excellence in both writing and reporting by the Kentucky Press Association.

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