Unfortunately, won’t know who won until June 30
I dutifully reported to the county court-house to take in election results as an "election stringer" for the Associated Press. Problem is, I arrived with the foreknowledge there wouldn’t be anything definitive to report, at least not results-oriented. 
Undaunted, I appeared. I checked-in the with the AP. I waited.
I was there when the election officials went to the precinct to bring in the vote. I was there when the polling-Judge and the Sheriff of our fair county brought the results in to the Clerk’s office and deposited them in the vault where the deeds and the minutes are kept locked-away and safe from harm.
In a normal year, Breathitt County has 21-precincts. This year, in pandemic-Breathitt, we had one-precinct and two-voting machines. 
I talked to the court staff and was able to gather a few morsels. For instance, I can confidently report we will see a “record number” of absentee ballots cast in this primary. That belief has been confirmed by personnel unwilling to “go on the record.”
I can report there were between 2,300 and 2,500-votes cast during the period the machines were logging votes prior to being shut down at 6:00 p.m., the witching hour. I am not sure, but I thought I heard that 1,899-votes were logged on one machine and around 500, or so, on the second. 
I can report that when this is all said and done, between 25%-35% of the registered voters will have voted in this primary. Should that be the case, I am told, by personnel, that would be “on the high side” of the number of registered voters which generally avail themselves of their democratic “duty/privilege” in a normal year, under normal constraints.
I was able to get from Becky Curtis, Breathitt County Court Clerk, that she would get with me with results this coming Monday, June 29, 2020. While I will know the results the 29th, and so will the AP (as I will certainly report the results to them), these results will not be “certified” and disseminated Kentucky-wide until June 30, 2020.   

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