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BHS Adds One to the Coliseum’s ‘Wall of Fame’
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BHS Adds One to the Coliseum’s ‘Wall of Fame’

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William Long Plaque Hung in Coliseum 

Plaque Commemorating Long’s Powerlifting Championship now permanent part of Exhibit

“I couldn’t be more pleased to hang just above Coach (Ricky) Brewer’s picture,” William Long

Not everyone gets a permanent place of honor to exhibit a special high-school athletic achievement or career. Of course, everyone doesn’t make three All-State football first-teams (AP, Herald-Leader, ’18,’19, ’20), make an All-State football first-team at two separate positions for the same season (AP, Herald-Leader 2020), or win three Kentucky High-School Powerlifting Championships (’19, ’20, ’21).

Tuesday, June 1, 2021, William Long presented his plaque made to commemorate his three (3) powerlifting championships to Breathitt High School’s principal, Charlie Davidson. On the school’s behalf, Mr. Davidson was pleased to accept the plaque.

Mr. Davidson promptly hung the plaque in the Fairce O Woods Coliseum on its “Wall of Fame” right above the picture of former Bobcat, football and powerlifting great, Ricky Brewer. Brewer's picture is of him in his Murray State University football uniform.

It is fitting Long and Brewer should hang in such close proximity. Both athletes were exceptional interior defensive linemen for BHS, both were powerlifters, and both left high school holding all-time, high-school, powerlifting state records. 

Both were signed to play college football. Brewer singed to play at Murray State and Long signed to play at Centre College.

Brewer had a distinguished career as a Racer. Long hopes, at Centre, he can replicate the same type playing success in college Coach Brewer had at Murray. Long is already working the Colonel football program’s offseason lifting and conditioning regimen in the hopes of earning some early playing time this coming Fall. 

We reached William Long for comment. He told the digital Times-Voice, “Coach Brewer’s ability while a student and player at BHS, both as a lifter and football player, was mythical. I am very humbled and honored to be enshrined in the Coliseum’s glass encased ‘Wall of Fame’ along side the legend."

Long continued, "It is almost as great an honor to be in such close proximity to his picture as it is to gain permanent enshrinement behind the glass. I hope it will be as much a source of pride for Coach Brewer as it was for me. I couldn't be more pleased than getting my plague hung just above Coach Brewer's picture."

We were able to reach Principal Davidson for his comment. He told the newspaper, "All of us here at BHS are proud of the accomplishments Will has made during his time with us. His hard work and dedication to continually improve at everything he does has allowed him to excel in both academics and athletics."

Mr. Davidson continued, "We are excited to receive the plaque from his state title in weight-lifting and will proudly display it for all current and future Bobcats to see. We wish Will all the best. We know he will achieve great things."

As for Long, he kind of choked up when telling us, "I will never forget my career here as a Breathitt Bobcat." Now, thanks to this most recent development, it will be equally hard for Breathitt High School and Breathitt Countians to forget him.


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