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Breaking News Story: Breathitt travels to Prestonsburg to play Floyd Central Friday night
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Breaking News Story: Breathitt travels to Prestonsburg to play Floyd Central Friday night

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Scouting the ‘Floyd Central Jaguars’
Digital Sports Staff
As has become the custom in the Covid-19, high-school football world, schedules mean nothing, districts mean nothing, and off-dates mean nothing. Basically, from week to week, a fan base may never know the who and where of the coming Friday’s game.
We believe the Bobcats will travel to Prestonsburg to play Coach Shawn Hager’s Floyd Central Jaguars. The Jaguars are 2-3, opened with wins over Hazard (24-21) and Prestonsburg (22-12) before dropping consecutive games to Pike County Central (70-50), Belfry (48-18), and Magoffin (44-24). They are a Class 3A, District 8 football team.
As they weren’t on the original schedule, and as you probably haven’t been monitoring them this season as we weren’t slotted to play them, we thought it would be helpful to give the readers the following scouting report. We reached out to KPGFootball, with its extensive scouting network, for this information and appreciate its willingness to share. 
Here’s what KPGFootball told the Times-Voice:
When the Jaguars are on offense:
The Jaguars align out of the Spread along with some I-formation, power sets. We have seen the Jaguars align with the QB under center in the Maryland “Stacked-I.” One of KPG’s regular scouts for that district told the Times-Voice, “They are big up front and have a couple big backs they use primarily as lead- blockers. Two of the Jaguar offensive linemen are noticeably larger than the remainder-men. Pay attention to where the big guys align. The bigger linemen are generally on the "power or strong side" of the formation. The Jaguars run to that side generally with the two big backs leading the runner into the hole.” 
The Jaguars also align offensively out of the Spread, and like to go empty in the backfield with receivers aligned one by three, three by one, or 2 by 2. They run this from the “Pistol,” similar to Breathitt. 
Shawn Hager’s son, Caleb Hager (No. 1), is a real college prospect and instrumental to offensive production. “Little” Hager plays QB and is the leading rusher in addition to being the leading passer. Hager is 5-10, 175, has been timed 4.6 in the 40, with a 260-pound bench press, a 405-pound back squat, and a pull (deadlift) of 415. 
The Jags will throw it. Hager is also one of the better defenders making him the most valuable player on the field. 
When the Jaguars are on defense:
KPGFootball’s scout said he was at the Belfry game. He told the Times-Voice they played Belfry with a 9-man box most of the time but that was likely because of what the Pirates were running offensively. Looking at film, they look to utilize a three-man front with a shaded nose, slanting to the strong side of the offensive alignment mostly. They look to have the ability to go four down, up-front, with an under look.
When they are in the 3-man front, they walk up the linebackers and sometimes a safety to get heat and pressure on the offensive backfield and the passer particularly. Breathitt’s Big Blue Wave will have to give QB, Jaylen Turn time to spy downfield targets like Austin Sperry and Blake Ritchie on the edges and big Bryce Hoskins down the middle to spread out the defense sufficiently to open some running lanes. 
Floyd’s last time out:
The Jaguars haven’t posted their team stats from the Magoffin game, so we didn’t have anything to analyze there prior to writing and publishing this piece. That being said, Magoffin had published its statistics and they are illuminating.  
Magoffin ran the ball on Floyd for 116-yards and threw it for 223-yards on only 9-completions, three of which were for TDs. Translated, that means the gains in the down field passing game should be there for us provided we can buy enough time to get the receivers down the field with the ball in the air.
We can also tell you the margin of victory was misleading. Floyd Central turned it over five times against Magoffin, losing three fumbles and throwing a pair of interceptions. Turn it over 5-times and you can lose by 22 to anyone.
Final Analysis: 
Floyd Central has allowed 239-points this season (47.8 a night over 5-games). They have let opponents run it on them for 1,555-yards (311-yards per game). Magoffin threw it effectively on Floyd Central (223-yards in only 9 receptions) but Floyd, prior to that game, were pretty stingy defending the forward pass. On the other hand, none of the first four opponents were known for “airing it out,” with Belfry “renown" for throwing a down field pass almost as infrequently as this planet gets visited by Halley's Comet. 
We will be the best passing offense faced by Floyd Central to date. If we run the football commensurate with how the first five opponents have, it may be a long night for the home team this Friday in Prestonsburg. 
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