“I have enrolled at Breathitt high School,” Christian Collins

The Bobcats…would have as formidable of a lineup as any in the 14th-Region…with this addition to its roster

We, like many of you, have heard Christian Collins was planning on enrolling at Breathitt High School. It was our understanding at the newspaper those plans included staying back under the newly passed Academic Re-Do law, provided the Breathitt Board of Education permitted it.

Whether Collins plays one or two of his remaining years for the Bobcats, his potential impact on our basketball program would be both indescribable and undeniable. When you are a 6’8” basketball prospect with the face up game, handles, and driving ability Collins has, not to mention his ability to finish at the rim with authority, his enrolling at any high school is big, big news indeed. 

Well speculation is just that; speculation. Every offseason we hear this player or that player is either coming to or leaving Breathitt or some other school in our area. Sometimes it comes off that way and sometimes it doesn’t.

At the Times-Voice we find it preferable to get the news “straight from the horse’s mouth,” so to speak. We were able to interview Christian Collins over the phone shortly before posting this article. This is what he told the newspaper.

“I have enrolled at Breathitt High School. If the Board permits it, I intend to ‘hold back’ and play two-years for the Bobcats. If the board doesn’t permit it, I will just play the one.”

We asked him what were the factors which weighed in the decision. He told the newspaper, “I want to be clear that I enjoyed my time playing and attending Buckhorn very much. I am thankful for everything my teammates there, and the coaches who helped to guide and steer me, contributed toward my development. That being said, Breathitt is really my home. It is where I have tons of friends and people with whom I was reared. It houses many precious childhood memories for me. I am excited to be here.” 

Well, big guy, let the Times-Voice to be the first to tell you the excitement is county-wide and very much reciprocated. Collins, who is a 6-8, 170-pound member of the ’22 class presently, is a long and lean "pogo-stick" with lots of vertical explosion, bounce, and face-up skills. He has the ability to either drive the basketball to the hole, blowing by a defender off the bounce, or pulling-up and shooting the jump-shot with touch and accuracy.

Collins scored 510-points in ’20-’21 over an abbreviated season, averaging 20.4-points per game with 8.8-rebounds. In ’19-’20, Collins scored 574-points, averaging 19-1 points per game with 9.2-rebounds.

The Bobcats, who may have the entire lineup returning, to include senior Tyler Christie (who's awaiting Board decision on the Academic Re-Do provision like Collins), would have as formidable of a lineup, particularly along its front-line, as any team in the 14th-Region. This would make BHS, potentially, an early next-season favorite for both the district and regional crowns with a player of this caliber added to its roster. 

Calls made to the Athletics Director and the Principal at BHS went unanswered and unreturned. This is both a developing and breaking story. 

Note: Mr. Long is an award-winning Kentucky journalist recognized for excellence in both writing and reporting by the Kentucky Press Association.

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