Jackson City’s All-Time Tiger has an All-Time Outing!

Junior was sizzling in a losing effort which saw plenty of offensive firepower!

The combination of Turner (Riley) and Turner (Addie) also killed!

BreAnna Tincher is a fantastic ball player. This is news to exactly no-one. Matter of fact, it had a lot to do with the Jackson Times-Voice predicting she would be the District’s Player of the Year in our preseason special section. 

Nostradamus we’re not. She’s just making us look like him.

Tincher sizzled on Saturday night in the Tigers matchup with Prestonsburg. Tincher, who scored 44 on the night and helped lead her team on a furious 4th-period charge which sadly fell a bit short, was a blistering 22 of 26 from the charity stripe and had 11-made field goals on her way to her largest scoring output in an illustrious high school basketball career. 

Tincher was not the only Lady Tiger who impressed. Riley Turner knocked down an incredible 6-treys on her way to 24-points on the night and Addie Turner kicked-in 21 of her own. 

Any of these three performances were outstanding enough to draw its own article. Much like the one basketball they were required to share, they will have to be satisfied with sharing this coverage. Knowing the three, we don't believe it will be a problem. 

Tincher leads the commonwealth in scoring average this year. Through 12-games, she is averaging 29.2 points per game, having scored 51-more points for the year (351) than the second place scorer, Makkah Siler from Williamsburg. Siller has scored 300-points in 11-games and is averaging 27.3 points per. 

Tincher has yet to record a three-point filed goal on the season. She is amounting production the “old fashioned” way.

Congratulations to BreAnna Tincher on an incredible night. Congratulations to the Turners, Riley and Addie, for their incredible outputs. Finally, we want to congratulate the Jackson City women's basketball team on mounting a furious 4th-period rally which fell just a bit short.

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