Like the man she loved who preceded her in death, Lexi Combs departs this life too soon, leaving a community to mourn and wonder why...
The Breathitt County community was once again saddened, as news broke Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020 of a tragic accident claiming the life of whom we knew as Lexi Combs. Alexis “Lexi” Rheanna Nicole Combs was only 23 years of age when she was taken from this life way too soon.
Lexi was traveling southbound toward Hazard, Kentucky on Highway 15 approximately 3.8 miles past the Wendys in Jackson, Kentucky. The vehicle she was driving veered off the road and struck a mailbox before crossing back over the northbound lane and into a roadside culvert. When dispatched, emergency personnel arrived on the scene with Ms. Combs dead on their arrival. 
Emergency personnel told the newspaper Lexi was still in the vehicle when they arrived. The one-car accident occurred in proximity to the KRCC building (Formerly the Falcon Coal Company office) south of Jackson. She was pronounced dead at the scene.
Lexi is survived by a young daughter, whose father, Jonathan “Jon-Jon” Gilbert also died tragically in a car accident on KY 30 West. Jonathan Gilbert was traveling home from work on the night of December 18, 2015 when he passed away at just 21-years of age. Lexie is also survived by her mother, Sherri Turner, and her father, Craig Combs. Her full obituary can be found in today’s Times-Voice.   
We contacted the police and they said the accident is still under investigation. The body was sent by the county coroner to the medical examiner’s office for the purpose of performing an autopsy. Police tell the Times-Voice this is standard operating procedure in roadway accidents resulting in a death. It is anticipated it will take between 5 to 10 weeks for the results to return. 
There were several online testimonies about Lexi which encapsulated both her and what she meant to the community. It would be inappropriate to identify the respective authors, without prior permission from them, but we did want this article to contain their heartfelt sentiments.
One writer said, “She was one of the sweetest ever! Loved her dearly! She will be missed! Praying for all!” Another wrote, “[This is] So sad. Such a tragedy. We was just talking a few days ago now you are gone. R.I.P. Lexi Combs. Love you girl. Prayers for all of your family, friends, and loved ones especially your little girl that has both mommy and daddy looking down on her. — feeling sad.” Still a third wrote, “Our little community has been hit hard today. I sure hate to hear that you’re gone and I never thought I would have to say bye to you Lexi.... I’m so thankful for all my memories with you. You’ll be missed by so many…"


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